Sulu, Somandla cause stir at Mereki


DENDERA ace Sulumani Chimbetu and his sungura counterpart Somandla “Mafia” Ndebele brought business to a stand still at Mereki Shopping Centre in Warren Park, Harare, on Monday evening when they were spotted at the popular spot.


The duo arrived at the open air barbeque centre where they enjoyed their meat and drinks for well over an hour in a seemingly discreet dark hidden corner at Mereki.

But it was when they decided to go and buy more drinks at a close bar that a huge group of people crowded them, pushing and shoving as they tried to catch a glimpse of the musicians, with some taking pictures.

“Zvibaba zviripano Nhasi ngazvitiimbirewo, Mafia naSudza vatitsika gen’a huya titore maphotos (The stars are here today come let us get photos taken),” one patron kept saying as more people packed the small bar.

The crowd was determined not leave until the duo had sung a couple of their popular tracks.

Sulu & Soma

The privileged ones posed for pictures with the musicians. The two remained stuck in the bar, resulting in Sulu exchanging his well-known trade for a barman, a gesture which further excited the crowd that kept scampering to the counter to be served by the Njiva singer.

As a way of honouring their fan’s request, the musicians danced to a song from Sulu’s latest album Gunship.

Sulu was the first to take to the dance floor when his popular duet with dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love called Nyuchi was played.

He was later joined by Ndebele on their duet Phone, much to the delight of the patrons.

After fulfilling their fans’ request, the musicians safely left the venue amid wild cheers from patrons.

Speaking to NewsDay, Sulu’s publicist Joe “Local” Nyamungoma said as entertainers they could not chase the fans away and hence decided to do a few hits for them.

“These fans are our paymasters so we respect their demands, that is why Sulu and Somandla ended up performing for them,” Nyamungoma said.


  1. Reminds me of the opposite behaviour of one musician (cant tell what his musical genre is, but he has generally slowed down these days), cant remember his name either, but the name says something to do with ‘SKILLS’ expressed in street lingo. The guy was walking along Angwa St one afternoon and this kid, in the company of her mother, spotted the musician and called out his name in admiration. The musician’s response was something like “Iwe ibva siyana neni mhani” (loosely translated “Hey you get away, leave me alone”). He really didnt realise where his bread is buttered, I certainly cant waste my dollar on this musician. But Sulu and Soma’s reported behaviour showed they are indeed mature musicians who know how to win fans

  2. I like the three young stars sulu , mafia and jp vakabva kuvanhu . I think vanotevedzera hunhu hwa mentor wavo TUKU. Dai vari vamwe vakatonetsana nema fans ipapa

    • yaa variko vanhu vakadaro. Rimwe gore ndichifamba nemwana wangu aine 7 years takasangana na Gringo ndobva mwana wangu amhanya achimufarira iy achibva ati heyi heyi ibvapo ndoda kupfuura. I was so embarassed and my child child cried. From that day I hate Gringo and I dont even watch his pyas and look at him today, he is no more because he was full of pride. He didnt know where his bread and butter for his children came from. He thot it came from Heaven. If so, then where is this Heaven now?. Isusu we moved on and my son is now a doctor at West End Clinic. Iye Gringo ngaachenjere kuzoda kunorapwa ikoko coz my son will recognise him chete.

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