Sudanese Foreign Ministry Says Al-Bashir ‘On His Way Back Home’


President Umar al-Bashir is on his way back to Sudan, his Foreign Ministry spokesman said, even as South Africa’s High Court assesses an application for his arrest.


Al-Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, is leaving South Africa, Sudanese spokesman Ali al-Sadig said by mobile-phone text message. He said he couldn’t give any further information.

The Southern Africa Litigation Centre brought an application to force the government to arrest al-Bashir, who was attending an African Union summit in Johannesburg. President Jacob Zuma’s administration published a notice before the meeting granting all attendees immunity. The court began hearing the case in the capital, Pretoria, earlier on Monday before adjourning for an hour.


  1. African leaders have spoken “300 000 Black lives don’t matter”

  2. There are speculations that the president has absconed. If this is true those who know the government of Zimbabwe know the president is hiding now.
    Kadhafi was advised by Mugabe to have a new home in Zimbabwe. He was too greed and chose to die in his country.
    Mongistu is in Zimbabwe and a lot of others who escaped from Iraqi and as well as all the wanted mass murders.
    Mugabe is laughing and sconing the international community for its inability to keep up with him.
    Well done Mugabe. Thank you again for donating the cattle to South Africa while our herd is shrinking back here in Zimbabwe.
    A reminder to others-The cattle and secrete diamonds are to thank the heads of states who supported him in stealing the rights of Zimbabweans in the last general elections

  3. My question is: Is AL-Bashir an American? Uropean?Asian? South American? or an African?
    If is he African why other Continents are giving him a read eye well is doing his oun things in his Country? Is there an African who attepted to Corect any things that happen in your Continents? Do you remember what Robert Mugabe said to Tony Blair? So look after your Continent and we will do so for our oun Continent. PLEASE! TOGOO!

  4. Africa 1 West 0 but more Africans are dying trying to get to the West, which has lost? Me thinks Africa lost big time in this case thanks to South Africa!

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