Stop it, Grace tells Zanu PF


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has told the Zanu PF politburo to concentrate on more serious issues affecting the country instead of purging party members linked to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.


Grace on Wednesday told the Zanu PF Women’s League national executive council that expulsions and suspensions were now threatening the stability of the ruling party.

She was making her first public appearance in over a month and dismissed speculation her absence was due to health problems.
The 49-year-old Grace, who is also secretary for women’s affairs, shook Zanu PF last year when she launched a campaign against Mujuru that thrust her into the race to succeed her 91-year-old husband.

Her tough talk on Wednesday could be an indication she was now keen to reassert her authority in post-Mujuru Zanu PF after the health scare that saw her spending months in Far East Asia.

“We should unite and stop gossiping about each other. Mudslinging is not a good thing. Let us look forward,” Grace told her executive.

“We cannot continue to purge each other and make unfounded allegations. Those who were kicked out were kicked out.”

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She argued that the party’s politburo, which has been used in the past few months or so to expel and suspend top leaders suspected to have been sympathetic to Mujuru, should not be turned into a disciplinary committee.

“We should not burden the politburo with petty issues and if the politburo is to be turned into a kangaroo court, then when is the real work going to be done and by who? The politburo is there to make policies that move the country forward,” she said.

The Zanu PF politburo last month expelled seven former ministers and suspended 13 other officials for allegedly working with Mujuru.

Most of the officials said they were expelled by a kangaroo court and did not recognise the punishment.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo yesterday said the ruling party could not ignore Grace’s concerns.

“She is correct and I agree with her, we cannot run a party and a country on factionalism,” Moyo said.

“Her words are wise and welcome. She is a leader of the party and we cannot afford to ignore her. It is time to concentrate on implementation of party policies than to remain stuck in who is wrong or right.”

But, the First Lady’s sentiments sharply contradicted recent Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s statements at the weekend pledging more purges.

Mnangagwa was seen trying to strengthen his position as President Robert Mugabe’s likely successor after seeing off Mujuru’s seemingly formidable challenge.

Mujuru was expelled from the ruling party for allegedly plotting to assassinate Mugabe with assistance from Western powers.

She was forced through the trap-door along with former party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, former party national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and a host of others, including no less than nine provincial chairpersons.

This week, Mujuru apologised for her role in “the failure of the country” over the 35 years of Zanu PF’s misrule.

Analysts said the apology was a clear sign she was ready to take on the might of Zanu PF and Mugabe’s State machinery under the banner of a political outfit referred to as People First.


  1. So these men were waiting for Grace to tell that they were wasting valuable time on nonsense. Is Simon Khaya Moyo what we think he is. As Chairman of the party he should have stopped this circus ages ago. And if any one thinks Grace is sincere on this matter they must be sick in the head.

  2. Aaah look who is talking?!This is the very woman who got the rock rolling and now that she cant control its momentum,is now bleating…you started this ,madam.

  3. Look at the regalia!!!!!!!!! check whats on there, Its a ZanuPF regalia and you can see someone milking, is this the new ZANU PF logo? hahahahahahha, takazvitaura kaaaare, They wanted to raise Mnangagwa vachiziva kuti achabata denga nemufaro kuti ave VP, he feels loved and now dance to Gushungo band unlike Mai Mujuru who was already the VP hapana chaivashamisa apa, kusimudzwa kwavo kwaitove kuve President chaiko. Saka Mnangagwa akaiswa to protect the Gushungo band after Mugabe regime

  4. This woman is confused, very confused, totally confused. Is she not the one who flew around the country gossiping, Mudslinging purging her perceived enemies and making unfounded allegations.
    Thats the problem if you live on borrowed ideas and if you believe in gossip you always contradict yourself.

  5. Inzwai Khaya Moyo supporting because ange ave kuvingwa saka its an escape route for him, but kaGomwe haa kaenda.

  6. Grace is really in charge…t seems she is the only one who cranks the whip and others jump

  7. Grace is d profound founder of mudslinging… was right wen it was her doing it…now its wrong bcoz she isnt d one behind…he who prepares the bed must sleep on it…#No_to_Pretence

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