Zuma blocked Bashir arrest – Mugabe

African Union chairperson Robert Mugabe said at a media briefing on Monday following the closing of the AU summit that President Jacob Zuma had vowed not to allow police to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir.

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“Zuma was telling me that one of the NGOs went to court, and I am quite sure they were used by outsiders,” the Zimbabwean president said.

“He [Zuma] said President Bashir would not be arrested, as he would not allow police here to arrest him.”

The summit, which was held from June 7, was officially closed by Mugabe some time after midnight.

Bashir departed for Sudan on Monday, despite a high court order preventing him from leaving South Africa. His departure sent mixed reactions across the country, with opposition parties accusing the government of violating a court order.

Mugabe said the ICC was not wanted in the continent.

“This is not the headquarters of the ICC, we don’t want it in this region at all. There is a view that we should withdraw from the ICC … unfortunately, the treaty that set up the court was not signed by the AU, but by individual countries,” Mugabe added.

“The ICC was there to help us try cases, especially cases of violence in any country during an election, but those who signed are now regretting that. As Zimbabwe we said no to submitting ourselves to outside justice, we never signed up with ICC.”

Non-governmental organisations such as the Southern Africa Litigation Centre were used and funded by foreign governments.

“There is no African country without an NGO, which is nonsense. Their host country did not set them up, they were set up by other governments, mainly European governments who pay them to be their informers about our actions, and how we run our countries.”

AU commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said there was no issue at the AU about Bashir attending the summit.

“Sudan is a member of the AU and he [Bashir] always attends, I don’t know what the fuss is all about.”

“When a country prepares to host, it signs an agreement with the AU on what is expected of it and the country hosts according to the requirements of the AU.”

She added that the AU had no relations with the ICC.

“The AU has nothing to do with the ICC, the ICC has states as parties to it, AU is not a state so there was nothing new regarding President Bashir as he always attends the meeting anywhere in the continent,” Dlamini-Zuma concluded at the summit.

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  1. “The ICC was there to help us try cases, especially cases of violence in any country during an election, but those who signed are now regretting that. As Zimbabwe we said no to submitting ourselves to outside justice, we never signed up with ICC because we are natural violent.”

    1. and you wonder why tourism is dwindling in our great country. fools like you tarnishing our countries image. foolish fool

  2. Im sure the victims of Al Bashir & Charles Taylor`s brutal war crimes are forever grateful for the ICC

  3. you are “violent” president mugabe. its better for you to be tried by icc than the higher court which we cant avoid. grace, zanu, cios, army, sadc, au, etc will not be there. there will be no one to sing our praises as always happens at the rallies. even the herald will not be there. we will be alone. the most unfortunate thing here is that this trial is closer for you than most of us. lets watch daddy. i hope people like mphoko can help you accept some of the wrongs we have done than cover them for us because it is only the blood of Jesus and our confessions and restoration which can help us. sometimes we also need to apologies to the people we have wronged than to stiff knecked. by the way we are all going to be judged good or bad. God help us. anywhere i am not the judge. its so bad that the devil tends to tempt us so much and deceives us and get us into this trap where we just cant come out. he pampers with so much power that we forget that we are just man and by that he wins us to hell..

  4. why are you not taking my comments news day

  5. It is no wonder why violence are prevalent during and after elections in our country. (It is sad that Africa is held hostage by these dictators. Their end is near

  6. the first line should read why violence is prevalent during and after elections in our country

  7. Wise up Africans, the ICC is unleaehing its falsely acquired power against Africans and turning Africans against each other. Look at what happened to the likes of Charles Taylor, Gadaffi, etc. Imagine the turmoil and immensely difficult position RSA would have put itself through by allowing this injustice to becarried out in our shores. Africans need to form their own organ to prosecute leaders who they feel have carried out attrocities against their own. We do not needtheWest to dictate that to us, how often do we see Africans meddling in West’s political aand economic affairs. My heart bleeds, we are still colonized.

  8. Good! Together we stand divided we fall

  9. It seem that most of the comments are from people who are ignorant or pretenting to be fools. ICC dd not force anyone to join neither does it force people to be prosecuted. People are reported to the ICC by fellow country. Read about Dafur, the split of sudan n south sudan, charles taylor and blood diamonds. If u were from Marange during operation dzokerai kumba you will definitely tell me that someone shuld prosecute Muggerbe and the only fair trial will be heard at an independent court

  10. Kg, who did we call to help us with Ebola? The west? Who are we calling to help us with Al Shabab and Boko Haram, certainly not the ICC? Where does Nepad go to borrow money, certainly not to China? So what happened to the SADC Tribunal? Wake up Africans, don’t listen to the likes of Kg. they are benefitting from the looting perpetrated by African leaders and will be lost if these leaders go to ICC. If Al Bashir is not guilty why did he run away? Uhuru actually went to The Hague, did he not and does he now have to run away from meetings? Our own man should be the next to The Hague?

  11. “ICC” in the third sentence should be replaced by “AU”. Like it or not, we are part and parcel of the west and not colonized, otherwise we should cut off Internet access?

  12. Have ever researched why other countries like US and China are not signitories to the ICC.
    “The People’s Republic of China has opposed the Court, on the basis that it goes against the sovereignty of nation states, that the principle of complementarity gives the Court the ability to judge a nation’s court system, that war crimes jurisdiction covers internal as well as international conflicts, that the Court’s jurisdiction covers peacetime crimes against humanity, that the inclusion of the crime of aggression weakens the role of the UN Security Council, and that the Prosecutor’s right to initiate prosecutions may open the Court to political influence.”Lu, Jianping; Wang, Zhixiang (2005-07-06). “China’s Attitude Towards the ICC”. Journal of International Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press) 3 (3): 608–620. doi:10.1093/jicj/mqi056. Retrieved 2014-09-26.

    Musangomhanyira zvesezvese

  13. You lose your sovereignity as Africans. Wake up!!

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