Ruwa residents demonstrate over poor service delivery


HUNDREDS of Ruwa residents yesterday stormed council offices in protest against poor service delivery and alleged abuse of funds by top council officials.


Secretary for the Ruwa Residents’ Association Lawrence Sedze told NewsDay that the residents wanted clarity on how council used a $3,5 million loan received from government for rehabilitation of water infrastructure.
“We want the board to account for the money and all we demand is water and service delivery,” Sedze said.
The residents petitioned the local board to urgently address their grievances.

The petition read: “Ruwa received a grant of $3,5 million from government in April 2011 towards the construction of a water pipeline after council failed to bring water to residents since time immemorial.

“A full council meeting held on July 18 awarded the tender to Moving Water Industries (SFB81/07/11). The tender was later awarded to Ambineers trading as Waterflow Engineering at the instigation of technical engineers against a full council resolution. Waterflow had submitted a tender bid of $2 519 690,10 for the completion of the project, but as at May 6, 2014, they had been paid $3 474 762,41 by Ruwa towards the same project with no results.

“As at December 12, 2014, 11 test runs had been carried out with no water to residents of Ruwa. The standard test runs required is a maximum of three per project. Waterflow has failed to bring water to Ruwa residents and Ruwa council has failed to give an explanation despite being given all the funds by government.”

The town board has denied allegations of tampering with the tender processes maintaining that everything was done above board.
Ruwa is among several dormitory towns that rely on Harare City Council for water supplies.


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