Renewal Team pleads with Mugabe to slow down on ‘humiliating’ trips

Sipepa Nkomo

MDC Renewal Team interim chairperson Samuel Sipepa Nkomo yesterday pleaded with African Union (AU) and SADC leader President Robert Mugabe to slow down on his international business trips, saying the frequent journeys were humiliating Zimbabwe and the region, plunging it further into economic chaos.


Addressing journalists in Harare, Nkomo said the two regional bodies should scale down the 91-year-old politician’s engagements to enable him attend to domestic problems.

“We note with concern the continued economic downturn, failure by the government to provide social protection to the drought-stricken parts of our country, harassment of the informal traders, fiscal indiscipline through Mugabe’s ceaseless international trips as well as the embarrassment the country gets as Mugabe continues to sleep in front of international cameras in Sadc, AU and UN functions,” Nkomo said.

“We call upon the AU and Sadc leaders to spare Zimbabwe this humiliation by asking Mugabe to slow down to save these institutions from the embarrassment.”

Mugabe has been on endless trips in the last six months that have seen him flying to Zambia, South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Russia, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Japan and Singapore, among other countries.

Most opposition parties have accused Mugabe of concentrating on costly foreign travels while Zimbabwe was burning.

Nkomo’s call came shortly after MDC Renewal Team secretary-general Tendai Biti told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle that he was ready to confront Mugabe and ask him to step down and concentrate on his farming business.

“I would tell him resign and go home and rest at his farm. I will tell him to resign like yesterday and allow Zimbabwe to begin a new chapter of reconstruction. He has failed, that’s what I will tell him,” Biti said.

Meanwhile, Mugabe is due to leave for South Africa this week for an AU Summit.


  1. come renewal team that is not what to talk about at the present. you dont have the capacity to challenge mugabe at present. you talk a lot and hurting the children of zimbabwe through your greedy, untimed actions which has promoted the zanu rule.

  2. haiwawo ana Biti maconfused people in politics…..nyarari kana musina zvekutaura neka party kenyu ke2 cents ako nxaaaaaaa

  3. Good point, Sipepa Nkomo. The old geezer has no shame at all. He must just go home and rest his old bones rather than attend summits only to sleep through the deliberations.

  4. Good point, Sipepa Nkomo. The old chap has no shame at all. He must just go home and rest his old bones rather than attend summits only to sleep through the deliberations.

  5. kkkkkkkkkk sekazvako Mwana wamabo! vanaMbiti makabvira rinhi? muchitaura Nagano dzasturo nagudo.

  6. Mugabe must start carrying a pillow & sleeping bag to all meetings as well as an alarm clock to wake him up afterwards

  7. This is what AU and SADC leader is supposed to do. Thats why he was elected to lead those two bodies. There is a certain magazine that i read, stating that a human being can live long provided he/she is always busy. A body that is pushed to the limit can not ‘die’. So, for the incumbent to live long, let him work work work and work like what he is currently doing.

  8. Life span is on average between 80 and 100 years so if you are 40 and always busy you could get to 100. If you are 91 you are in an area where you should be planning to go and being busy actually speeds up your demise.

  9. AU and SADC purposely elected this sekuru to drain him of the little energy left in this old donkey so that he ages faster from exhaustion…well done SADC and AU…keep him busy until he drops dead

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