Professional offers $30 as maintenance


An agronomist, Benard Ojeri, was on Thursday this week ordered by Harare Civil Court magistrate, Barbra Mateko to pay $80 maintenance for the upkeep of his minor child with one Fungai Nyerere.


The order by the court came after Ojeri had offered to pay $30 per month against his monthly earnings of $500 claiming he was earning just $269.

“I work on contract basis and the reason why it is high on the current pay statement is because there are also overtime allowances included,” Ojeri said.

However, magistrate Mateko clearly highlighted that the only overtime amount reflecting on his pay slip was a sum of $29.

In her application, Nyerere said: “I am in need of $100 a month for the maintenance of my two-year-old child with him and from my understanding when we were still together he used to earn about $400 a month,” Nyerere said.

She added that she was aware that he now had another wife and two other children.

In a different matter, a Harare porter, Modify Juwani, was ordered to pay $70 a month for the maintenance of his two children with one Praise Sainesi.

Initially Sainesi had claimed $250, but the court ruled according to Juwani’s earnings he could only be ordered to pay less than $100.

In a related matter, a kombi driver, Simbarashe Master, was ordered to pay $55 for the maintenance of his child with a local hairdresser, Lisa Janure.

Master told the court that he could afford to pay $30 per month given his income which was about $70 per month.

“I am offering $30 a month because I only do relief work which gives me about $70 a month. I am a married man and I also take care of my mother who stays in the rural areas and I also send $20 to $30 a month to other relatives for their upkeep,” Master said


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