Plot to kill Magaya exposed


PROPHETIC, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya has sensationally claimed there was an attempt on his life by close church members after needles were found in his personal fridge at his Waterfalls, Harare, church site.


This came at a time a group of faceless people claiming to be close to Magaya and operating a Facebook page, Madhiri A Magaya (Magaya’s Deals), have threatened to expose his alleged “blood sacrifices”.

Magaya told congregants at his church on Sunday that there were people who were kneeling down for him yet they were plotting to kill him.

“Two months ago, God told me to stop taking water from that fridge, but on Friday, I decided to take just one bottle and on Saturday when cleaners who clean my office were doing their duties, they saw some needles stashed in my fridge and they alerted me about it,” he said.

Magaya asked one of the female congregants to confess to which she was overheard saying: “I saw needles in the fridge yesterday.”

He said Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, “his spiritual father”, taught him on false love from some congregants who “kneel down while most of them will be standing”.

“Just two months ago, the Holy Spirit told me not to drink that water. They kneel down before me yet some were planning to put needles in the fridge,” he said.

Magaya warned that those involved would regret their actions.

“I discovered our worst enemies are not from outside, but they are here with us. They twist statements and edit videos to prove their points,” Magaya said in apparent reference to a video that has gone viral that depicts him as a “Satanist”.

During the same church service, which coincided with Father’s Day celebrations, Magaya also ripped into his lieutenants’ failure to make meaningful offerings, attacking one senior pastor who had pledged $11 as a present for Father’s Day.

“Look, I was just looking at the figures of money that people were pledging towards Father’s Day, but I was shocked with the figures and a person whom I gave more than $20 000 today, he said it’s Father’s Day (and) he pledges $11. Who bought the car you are driving?” asked Magaya, to which the pastor’s response was: “It’s you prophet.”

Prophet Walter Magaya holds a sample of the new annointing oil as he introduces into to thousands of his congregation during their big Sunday service yesterday - Copy

Magaya then continued: “You have to lead by example as pastors and don’t pretend to be Christians. Be true Christians and when you give you are not giving me, you are giving to the house of God and that money goes to help the needy and nation, no extra purpose and if we misuse the funds, we will not be here today.”

Recently, there were claims that brakes on Magaya’s car were tampered with and that more than 14 women had been paid to press adultery charges against him.

A senior PHD Ministries pastor, Admire Mango, made the claims during a church service in March this year.

“Enemies of the ministry (PHD) are working tirelessly to destroy Prophet Magaya and the entire ministry. Can you believe that the prophet’s motor mechanic was approached by these anti-ministry people and paid to tamper with the car’s brakes so as to cause an accident? As if this is not enough, 14 ladies are mooting a plan to press adultery charges against Prophet Magaya.
However, some of the 14 ladies confessed the machinations before us saying they were paid handsomely by the agents of anti-PHD Ministries to carry out the job,” Mango said. Mango was not picking up his calls yesterday and also did not respond to a text message sent to him.

Magaya also “banned” kneeling as a sign of respecting him insisting many were not doing that for love as they “knelt physically, but not from their hearts”.

He also said he went to see TB Joshua who spoke to him on different issues regarding the church.

Magaya is also embroiled in a legal battle with business couple Upenyu Prosper and Blessing Mashangwa of Oceane Perfumes who have sued him for $2 million saying he misled them into seeding their car so that they could land “miracle shares” in an international airline.

The administrators of the Facebook page against Magaya claimed that he was after self-enrichment.

“In our next posts (coming soon) (it) is about the blood sacrifices that Walter Magaya has done, we pray we have equipped you for the truth to follow. It will be shocking and not for the faint-hearted,” the post read yesterday.


    • Zviri pachena. Magaya ari kuda kuti zvinzi mapostori because tsono dzinowanzo shandiswa pachivanhu vanhu here somewhere there.

      • kana ini ndinoshandisa tsono. he did not even mention mapostori he said those who are close to me. try to read and understand not just criticise because its magaya. let there be light in your life.

    • Varume, ngatimboisai zvemweya paside tishandise brain tione kuti pane chokwadi ndepapi, nhema ndedzipi. Hanzi 14 ladies were paid by Magaya’s enemies. Then some of the ladies confessed. saka kana vakaconfessa, it means vanoziva who paid then in the first place. Vakadzi ava vanodi kuexposer maenemies acho akavapa mari? ONE. TWO, KwaMagaya toziva kuti vanemacamera hobo. Kana pakawanikwa maneedle mufridge, vakadi kutora photo kana video seevidence. Why rely on confession yemunhu. Ko iyo police report zvayo???? Horyt, THREE….mavideo aya, mavideo aya ari kunzi akaeditwa, ini hangu ndatora nguva kumboizeya payoutube pacho. I don’t think Macheso akaeditwa kunzi airidza kuPHD. Zvinozivikanwa. I don’t think PHD logo yakaeditwa. Ndiyo chaiyo chaiyo yandaona. plus hand sign yarohwa naMagaya apo paati, “it was a planned thing” mmmm, haisi yekuisira ba. Ehe, zvimwe pamwe zvakadobwa dobwa, asi panenge pane kamoto pahutsi huri apa. Asi nhai, munhu wamwari sei vazosimbirira panyaya yezvipo apa varume, ngatibatsiraneyi kufunga, tozofunzawo mweya tym tym.

  1. Hanzi 14 ladies were paid by Magaya’s enemies. Then some of the ladies confessed. saka kana vakaconfessa, it means vanoziva who paid then in the first place. Vakadzi ava vanodi kuexposer maenemies acho akavapa mari? ONE. TWO, KwaMagaya toziva kuti vanemacamera hobo. Kana pakawanikwa maneedle mufridge, vakadi kutora photo kana video seevidence. Why rely on confession yemunhu. Ko iyo police report zvayo???? Horyt, THREE….mavideo aya, mavideo aya ari kunzi akaeditwa, ini hangu ndatora nguva kumboizeya payoutube pacho. I don’t think Macheso akaeditwa kunzi airidza kuPHD. Zvinozivikanwa. I don’t think PHD logo yakaeditwa. Ndiyo chaiyo chaiyo yandaona. plus hand sign yarohwa naMagaya apo paati, “it was a planned thing” mmmm, haisi yekuisira ba. Ehe, zvimwe pamwe zvakadobwa dobwa, asi panenge pane kamoto pahutsi huri apa. Asi nhai, munhu wamwari sei vazosimbirira panyaya yezvipo apa varume, ngatibatsiraneyi kufunga, tozofunzawo mweya tym tym.

    • Ndimika munogona kubvunzurudza nyaya, endayi muno bvunzurudza. Madhimoni anopa vanhu kutaura twaka siyana siyana chokwadi. Kana iwewe usina zvawakaitwa na Prophet Magaya uchigona kungova venga, what more vane zvavano tadziswa kuita eg mabasa erima and etc anovapa mari…ngwarirai miromo yenyu, hondo ndedza Mwari idzi

    • on the issue of zvipo he never asked from anyone to give zvipo. they just decided to surprise him an they contributed ….. not every church member. but he was shocked that those he thought where the closest to him and also those he had helped make it in life were the once who gave him the least.

  2. ko $11 ndooyaanayo akakudzosera $20000 nemota oita wangu kupa mumba yaMwari hakuna manyemwe chero uchida kuuraiwa zvinoshambadzirwa here Jesus didn’t run away from death he welcome death iwe nanga nanga nekushamirira wepedyo ndiye anoziva twese handiti makaenda mese wavaku enjoyer wega okugadzirira size inotenga naiyewo reporter angape nyaya yevasikana vebasa kuita kunge mapurisa ndiwo ataura nyaya yachooooo

  3. Pliz people let us look upto the Lord and not put our faith in people. How does one decide to use needles instead of poison. Pliz don’t take people for a ride. I wonder how people really want this guy dead and use such silly tricks.

    And say they really want to kill you mr Magaya. What do you mean they will see. No threats, the same Bible you claim to Preach tells you to pray for your detractors and enemies.

    God please give people eyes that can see and ears that can hear you when you truly speak.
    I Praise God in Heaven for who I am and what I am. Not give credit to another creation. God forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luke 10:19 ESV / 133 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful

      Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you magaya munhu wa Mwari vakomana

  4. This dude is just an attention seeker.No death treaths here. He just want to divert attention from the investigations on his several matters and draw sympath from the public. I also have a question that i always ringing on my mind; I remember two years ago another prophet was also having problems with church members and other stakeholders but the issues were solved at the courts. Why are Magaya’s issues not reaching courts?. If they reach courts we read of withdrawal before judgements. Why? why? why?.

    • Haiwawo what investigations are you talking abt. Thr ar no concrete investigations whatsoever kunze kwema haters vanoita nyaya dzekutsvagiridza.

  5. My fellow brothers, Cant we reflect on what the man of God has done for Zimbabwe and the whole world?

    It’s surprising how we do not celebrate the success of our own, but rather plot against them. My word of advice…. Hate or love him, Prophet Magaya is truly a man of God, for the bible clearly says that no Evil spirit can cast out other evil spirits. Food for thought.

    • Wat has he really done for this nation nhai mwana wamagaya?Widows and orphans are suffering and yet he is buying mota nezvimwewo zvakadaro.And since when do you sell annointing oil?Just shut up and be duped.

      • I see a lot of people still have their eyes closed even in the midst of the signs and wonders the bible clears talks about. I once used to be a critic and doubting Thomas like most comments posted here till i personally visited the church..the lame could walk, the blind could see and the deaf could hear even more demons were being cast out. When John the Baptist followers came to ask Jesus whether he was the messiah that Prophet Isiah prophecised about coming he said, “Go back and tell him what you see .. i.e. the blind can see, the deaf can walk” so I pose this question to all of you if this is not the power of God working in P.H.D through Prophet Magaya then whose is it ? I am so convinced God is using Prophet Walter Magaya to the level that even my spirit confirms it (trust me this one of many churches I have attended but none have I ever felt and witnessed God’s power moving in a mighty way as it does in P.H.D ministries) just attend one service and judge for yourself. And by the way my reference to the bible context never meant that Magaya is Jesus ndongoitira vamwe venyu vangazofunga zvisirizvo, he is merely a Man of God not a God of Man there is a difference.

        How come no one ever talks about all the good news the church has done through the Prophet all the healings (H.I.V ,Cancer ,Diabetes cured), deliverance (vakaroyiwa, family curses broken) all the kids he is putting to school. The good is just too much to mention. Carry on Prophet after all the bible clearly states that a “true” prophet is never welcome in his home town. Mbiri kuna Jesu PHD musadzore nzvimbo boss zero tolerance to demons!!!!

    • guys hv u ever notice kuti this Magaya anobatsira vanhu vanowana chete hatingati bhora rakashata bt hw many old people nherera neshirikadzi dzirikutambura munyika dzinoda help bt anoda kubatsira vanotambira kare kuiitira kuti agoitora futi akapa anotambura asina kwaanoiwana anoziva kuti haazoiwane futi

  6. Lol what exactly is a personal fridge? and just wondering if he can forsee events surely he could have structured it so that these people are caught on camera, admissible evidence, its always funny when a prophet reveals a prophecy after the event, this is just seeking media attention and this paper is giving it to him

    • What confirms the propecy is that he had stopped drinking the water from the office. What more confirmation do you need you doubting thomases?

  7. Something is not adding up , I saw the live service and the lady who said she saw the needle should be investigated, sei airatidza kutya when she was being asked, she knows were the needle came from. Mapurisa batai munhu

    • Kkkkkkkkk taura nyaya yako. Buda pachena jekanyika and confess yr evil deeds dzekuisa tsono mu fridge. Stop pointing fingures iwe uchiziva zvivi zvako.

    • @ Pakaoma – I think it is u wu shld be investigated. Uri kunetseka nei? Asi une zvaunoziva nenyaya yetsono. Go ahead and start confessing now. U seem to be confessing yr own fears here.

  8. No matter how hard you are going to try to destroy the evidence of God of PHD you will not win. Devil you are a liar. Propher W Magaya is a true man of God. Hate him bt he still remains a powerful Man of God.

  9. remember Dathan and Korah in the Bible: no one has ever fought God and won. in his word he says I have chosen one amoungs your kind one that is your brethren to be a watchmen over you whoever receives him also recieves me and whosoever rebukes my word for it is I who sent him. Brethren do not be deceived God is not mocked what ever God does he does it for a reason. do not judge lest you be judged. The man of God Prophet W Magaya never siad he fears for his life but emphasized that whatever you do in your quest to kill me, before you do that think about all the testimonies that are happening everyday at the Blueshed all the lives that are being changed, marriages being restored, the def hearing the blind see and many who are being delivered from different situations imagine what they lives would be.Lastly to the wise before you judge lets take time to reflect what our nation would be without the love of Christ for the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but the of power bless you.

  10. jesu vakamurambawani, akamutsa vakafa ,akaporesa,asi vakamupomedzera .

    you are true man of God ,Magaya

  11. Hama ngatipei ma comments tisa tuke Prophet.Vakataura pachena mava kuvatuka,sei musingatendewo zviri kuitwa naMwari vanhu vari kuporeswa ,poneswa,mweya yetsvina iri kubuda.Vamwe vaidayi zvava zvirema for life asi Mwari akavaporesa kuburikidza nemuranda wa Mwari Prophet Magaya.Dai pasina zviri kuitika maifunga iyo NewsDay yaiswero teverera here PHD.Panezviri kuitika zvavari kuteverera.Mbiri kunani?Mbiri kuna Jesu.

    • Get away!! This is not Jesus, mamhepo aya!! Pa Charecter ye benzi Magaya ndipo patiri kuramba! Muchitengeserwa oil, ya Jesu haitengeseki kikikiki mapenzi na Magaya wenyu iyeye. Kurohwa ne deceit iri pachena!!

        • Doing business in the house of the Lord. He is telling the truth, why is it that when someone who is saying something different with these so called vana vapapa haa unochiouna unotukwa kusvika kare. You are idol worshiping, tsvagai Jehova vachawanika.

  12. Jesus came healed, delivered, healed the sick, the crippled walked, the blind saw, he walked on water. People saw this and never believed. Before his crucification, people including those who witnessed the miracles called out that Jesus of Nazareth will be crucified, so that’s how my Jesus died on the cross. Now it my prophet W. Magaya who is on the spotlight. If you people follow PHD Ministries like some claim, are you not witnessing the many miracles hapenning at this arena of healing and deliverance. Would the living God, the Father of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac let an evil man perform so many miracles in public? We need God’s touch so that we would see for the bible say that people die due to lack of knowledge. God help us.

    • This is not Jesus kani!! nderimwe power ramusingazivi!! Anointing oil ya Jesu yakazotengeswa rinhi!? Zvine meso asi hazvioni, zvine nzeve asi hazvinzwi!!

  13. Don’t worry man of God people are fighting with God and remember they will not win the war keep doing good things for the reward is in haven.

  14. Magaya ibwa yemunhu busy using people for his own benefit iyo office yaarikuti yakawanikwa tsono is the same office which defend him 24hr but His not even ashamed kumira pamberi pevanhu uttering they want to kill him.I pity those ladies but i warned them several times Magaya care for no soul except his own soul his so selfish murume mukuru kusanyara kuramwa church because vanhu vabhadhara mari shoma for fathers day.Munhu akakwana anoita hunhu wechidofo kudaro.Varume vakuru were humiliated in front of thousands for giving him $10 as fathers day contribution munhu kutoramwira church izvozvo vanhu ibvai madzidza PHD is a organisation for making profit zvimwe zvese izvo mahumbwe.Seer Ishu was humiliated and Magaya told everyone kuti He bought the car for him ndozvoita here giving kuty wobva waudza nyika ys kuti mota iyoyo ndini ndakakutengera saka you should have given me more money kana ndimiwo aiwa vanhu you need to start utilizing your brains especially office yeIR you need to wake up Magaya has used you and will do anything to destroy and humiliate you.Tsono yekupi yakaonekwa thats just a plan to destroy that office and is looking for a valid reason to do..That girl who stood up confessing lies would be burnt in hell that noodle was not evn in bottle drinks but just laying around what made her to think itwas to harm prophet as if His the only one who drinks that water honestly i suspsct foul play Magaya is up to something

    • ita zvekumba kwako kwete kutuka vanhu panoapa.mind your own business and stop defending people you dont even know.l know where you belong…hell!!!! who should listen to you devil?you ways are evil,your words are came to kill,to steal and to destroy.But Jesus on our side,we are more than conquerors and no weapon formed against us shall prosper in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,who is worshiped by Prophet TB Joshua and Prophet Magaya.If GOD is with us who can be against us?NOBODY!!!!

    • Asi ndiwe ne team yako Jokoniawezza/Madhiri A Magaya Admin makaisa tsono mu fridge. Hukasha hwako ndehwei? Mabasa enyu erima azofumuka. Muchafumurana henyu vese vari involved. Sei uri kuda kuvhara nyaya ye tsono iwe????

    • @ Jokoniawezza/Madhiri A Magaya Admin (One person) – Rwako rudo revasikana ve office iyoyo. Tibviire kumhepo. Kana pane munhu who is covered with darkness is you Jokoniawezza/Madhiri A Magaya Admin. Kutoshaya hope uchigadzira ma video ne nyaya to tarnish the image of Prophet Magaya. Iko kuda kubvisa ka muti kari muziso memuwe uchisiya zidanda riri mako. Check yourself first before you start commenting on others. Agent of the devil ndiwe iwe Jokoniaweza/Madhiri A Magaya. Kusanyara iko kuda kuzviita mutsvene. Tibvire kumhepo!!!!

    • On the contrary it is actually u Madhiri A Magaya Admin/Jokoniawezza working 24hrs/day to bring down the anointed servant of God who is going to rot in hell unless you repent. Thr is no any strace of light in u. You are darkness through and through. May the Lord have mercy on you.


    mathew 24:24 {For there shall rise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elected.}


    [1] you call yourself father. {you are claiming fathers day presents }
    Mathew 23:9>{“But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9″Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10″Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.…}


    verses metthew 4:41 > {Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew he was the Messiah.}

    verse> james 5:14{ Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord…

  16. Vose vari against Prophet Magaya muchaneta henyu nekutaura pluz hapana zvamunoita muchakuvarira mukati se penzura yedofo x uyu munhu eaMwari so ua wasting ur tym

  17. If the prophet can prophesy about ur own enemies vachikuudza kuti hee ukuda kuuraiwa na nhingi akukurongera zvakadai zvakadai sei vasina kuziva tsono idzo kuti dziri mu fridge mavo, kkkkkkkk

    • A prophet does not prophesy by choice but as revealed to him by the Almighty. I refer you to the scripture below:-

      2 Kings 4 v 26-27 “Please run now to meet her, and say to her, ‘Is it well with you? Is it well with your husband? Is it well with the child?’”And she answered, “It is well.” Now when she came to the man of God at the hill, she caught him by the feet, but Gehazi came near to push her away. But the man of God said, “Let her alone; for her soul is in deep distress, and the Lord has hidden it from me, and has not told me.”

  18. There is no smoke without fire, some women have been abused and I think it will come before the courts soon, so the good prophet is doing what they call pre-emptive action so that when the case is heard he can claim what he said. And to humiliate a subordinate fellow man the way he has done to this pastor is hitting below the belt. Why did he not talk to this pastor privately then talk in the church about low Father’s Day pledging without humiliation. Killing by a needle, that is not what a prophet would utter let alone a counter threat. Eish this prophet needs to go for a course on how to win friends and influence people. How can his parishioners kneel to him is he God? The good Lord hates those who purport to take his place, in Exodus 20, he says you will not have other Gods except me and he says you shall not kneel to them. The good Prohet has gone too far, but there is still time for him to come before the Lord and clear his name.

  19. TSONO NDEDZAKE MAGAYA. REMEMBER DZANGADZIRI MUPERSONAL FRIDGE YAKE. aitya kuexposwa saka akati ndiri kuda kuurayiwa

  20. Ahhh this man really behaves like an attention seeking freak. Magaya donates to zifa. magaya donates to charity. Whose car are you driving? $20 thousand dollars?? ahhhh kkk yah ma1. Baba ava vanoda publicity. We have the 7th Day Church bringing in doctors to help for free during their convention, We only got to know through watsapp when pple were comparing what PHD do and what other churches do. Vanhu vamwari mese mune maChurch enyu amunoenda Zaoga, Methodist Anglican AFM etc. Ese maChurch aya anoita madonations every year, anochengeta nherera anobhadhara mafees evasina, kuzoti mablankents kuchembere nechikafu hatitaure. I have not heard it in the press but Magaya wants everyone to know about stupid needles. Baba Magaya tipeiwo mabible verses anokwana 10 pazuva rega rega ramunoparitdza. Tiratidzei hunyanzi hwenyu pashoko. Show us how well you know the true word of God. Tatenda hedu. Wishing you a non needle life and i hope one day uchaendawo kuchikoro chemapastor unodzidza bhibheri uite mufundisi chaiye.

  21. @ Blessing. Jesus raised the DEAD FROM GRAVE your papa cant do that becoz he doesn’t have same spirit. Jesus healed all diseases yr papa cant heal aids or ebola. Jesus never told anyone that by following him u are going to be materially rich like yr papa….in reality noone can be rich by magaya prayers, that’s why he took money from you thru tithes and offers. ….he doesn’t get it thru faith or holy oil. God never said he will raise magaya so that we give him money to take it to heaven on our behalf. Why magaya make money is u guys u are superstition. ….u believe in tsono killing or marine spirit bla bla these belief is shona tradition not biblical what he say is for n’anga to say not prophet. In reality u guys think u will be blessed by defence of magaya, u followed him not because u like God but want to solve problems like sickness or rich, that’s why u buy bangle not bible, use oil but not scriptures to solve problems. …just like non believer

  22. all can sae bt the lord of jacob and isaah knows tha truth thank you jesus christ the more you hate and talk bad thingz iz the more we raise in jesus mighty name amen

  23. ” No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper; it also known that the moment you decide to be a servant of God persecution must follow”. Be strong prophet, your God is bigger than all this. Test for a Testimony

  24. Vana magaya who are you trying to fool? Such Fraudsters like you chii chamungatiudze? Needles kuitasei kwacho, you are loosing the plot and becoming too desperate each day, shame on you.

  25. Please don’t quote the word of God . Magaya wenyu uyu haana hukama ne shoko ra Mwari. this doesnt apply to him, shame on you kuda kutishandisira shoko ra mwari parisingakwane. Anoparidza chii chiri mu shoko kunze kwekukutengeserai oil, kikikikiki. zvine meso asi hazvioni sure

  26. “We help a number of prostitutes here. I give them cash on a daily basis and we have a project to assist them transform their lives which we have initiated,” he said. mupengo chaiwo

  27. hatirwe nenyama neropa asi nemweya iri muchadenga.nyika yezimbabwe ngatidzidzei kuziva pekutaura nepekunyarara tisatuka vanhu vamwari nezvinhu zvatisingazive ,ngatitsvakei uchenjeri
    kuna Mwari pakutanga tozotaura.

    • No matter how hard u try to pull down Prophet W Magaya u will nt win. What I know is u wil one day look for him.

  28. Inga Jesu vakapa vanhu vazhinji chingwa zvikanyorwa wani in the bible. Prophet gave to thousand and even donate to the country…. so it must nt b put to record. U who of the world u wil nt understant the things of the Lord. Saka nyarai. Papa keep teaching us how to give u are the best Father.

  29. Prophet Magaya is a true man of GOD.Everyone who receives a prophet receives his blessing.People will regret and do not be the the candidate.PHD is going very far

  30. Keep on with the Deliverance Prophet Magaya, Zimbabwe, Africa and the entire world needs u more than ever remember what the Lord said in the Bible “Do not be afraid nor dismayed, they shall come against you but they will not prevail”. I know u are a highly annointed man of God,meaning kuti masatanist, ma antichrist they will be always there and they will definately come in full force but the Lord our GOD will raise a standard against them. Remember the words of Isiah to those who conspired against him, “Ranganai henyu asi zvichakoniwa nekuti Jehovha unesu”. MEANING kuti they will always connive, plotting against you but Jehovha unemi kusvika kumugumo,

  31. Keep on with the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance man of GOD. Prophet Magaya Zimbabwe, Africa as a continent and the entire world needs u now more than ever. Remember these words which were spoken to Jeremiah by the Lord ” Do not be afraid nor dismayed they shall come against you but they will not prevail” meaning kuti these antichrists they will always come in full force ende vachitoda musoro wemunhu but havabudirire. You are a highly anointed man of God, your annointing leaves no stone unturned. Remember the words of Isiah to those who were conspiring against him “Ranganai henyu asi zvichakoniwa nekuti Jehovha unesu” meaning kuti they will always plot evil against you but the truth is HAVABUDIRIRE

  32. I have never been to PHD but I long to be there one day and my biggest wish is to have a handshake with the Prophet and I know kuti zvinhu zvangu zvese zvichaendeka. Mungawawata henyu zvese zvamunoda vanhu coz everyone in Zim has a freedom of speech asi Prophet itai zvamakatumwa naMwari, rovai basa, mademon ngaatsve. Izvo zvimwe zvese musavhunduke mumhu waMwari ini hangu ndichamira nemi uye ndinemi muminamato yangu yose and hatitye futi, tionobatika muMasvingo pa (039) 262227

  33. ur headline is very misleading are u on magayas payroll stupid story tsono dzakambouraya munhu here. Magaya wenyu uyu is becoming paranoid needs to see a shrink

  34. I wonder kuti zvimwe zvinhu zvavanotaura maprophet ava vanoona sekuti nyika yose izere matofo here…. smh

  35. The bible clearly says to a prophet “when he enters a homestead and he is not welcome,when he leaves that place he should dust his shoes and those people will see the wrath of the Almighty God.
    People be careful with what you comment on the Anointed people of God.
    Prophet endererai mberi nebasa ramakatumwa naMwari wedu.
    God is not a fool with these atheists.Their DAY IS RECKONING!!!!!
    PHD Partner for life.

  36. Vana vaSCAVER!!!!.NGAAZVIMIRE EGA kwete kuzora vamwe.

    Its only GOD WHO ANOINTS


  37. When you have the spirit of discernment, you surely understand what exactly is happening and which way to go. We should look unto the Lord for all our concerns.I love you Lord

  38. We’re trying to rebuild our country and as long as our press focuses on trivial matters we ll never achieve my suggestion is a total media blackout on these con artists. In an ideal environment these prophets were supposed to prove their miracles or face the law corning people is a crime. Am not here to judge but honestly we claim to be an educated nation and we believe in these so called prophets ayaas

  39. good editing pachivideo chiya u should probably go n find basa kufilm industry……. we won’t by that…. nobody ati ataura ziti ndiri magaya is a dark Angel….who are u to judge…….. musarwadziwe namagaya…. kana arunyepera vanhu then achatongwa neni pamwe munojudger vanhu…. lib ur lug n let him livid lyf

  40. its not shocking to me that fellow Zimbabweans can mock, blast and even tamper with his life my Prophet W Magaya, Jesus Christ was never received in his home town he was just an ordinary son of a carpenter to them, this is the same as what you are doing today Zimbabweans, we know you don’t like him ( Prophet Magaya ) because he calls a spade a spade in all his revelations about the dark world. Shame . by Wilson Madzvamuse PHD Ministries partner

  41. Prophet W .Magaya..a Gift from God!
    You may speak negatively against him, you may create all the stories about him , yes you may write a full book portraying him negatively but I stand here to say the truth about Prophet W Magaya ..because unlike you I gave myself time to know him without judging him first.I potray him as my dad , a father of all nations , a distinguishable leader , a teacher, a sower, a helper, a trainer, a builder, a restorer , and everything good you can think of.I have seen the sick being healed, I have seen the blind see, I have seen the lame walk, I have seen families restored, the poor get rich, the nobodies becoming somebody,the hopeless hopeful, the deranged being normal, the addicts set free, I have seen demons flee, ..All these ,just like in the time of our Lord Jesus Christ.Prophet W. Magaya’s teachings hold the key to the lives of many.Wisdom is one of his greatest strength, ask anything he shoots wisdom.If at all objectivity exists in your vocabulary give yourself time to get to know what a blessing this man really is.If you haven’t listened to him, I advise you to do so… even behind closed is ,after all, you who will benefit

  42. rubbish produces rubbish..all this religious shit is now so much filthier than imaginable.It`s
    fucking up the whole continent.

  43. Mbiri Kunani…… Mbiri kuna Jesu
    We are proud of you Prophet.Regai vataure my anti Christ agents. Tinotenda Prophet with all your works amuri kuita kuchengeta nherera. shirikadzi ne chembere even supporting the footballer of this country. Havaturi zvamunoita zvakanak asi zvakaipa .Manje ticharamba tichikudai. I am a proud to be a Yadah Partner. I will seed with you Partner with. Tinokudai daddy. We appreciate what you do for us. Mwari varambe vachikuitira zvakanaka ne mhuri

  44. some of you guys you have never been to PHD and you critize the prophet becoz other are critizing. tanga vauya ku PHD kwete kungohakira kuwenga muprofita. the simple fact thAT you follow him through various media is because he is light. even tumbuyu tuno attracted to light. prophet we love you from the botom of our heart.SOME of us we are going far with the prophet. hatitauri zvatisinga ziwi. GOD LET THERE BE LIGHT IN ZIMBABWE

  45. Did u know that if Jesus had just come to teach the word of God – No Miracles (Minana), No Deliverance(Kudzinga Madhimoni), No Prophecies(Chiporofita)…………NO ONE would have believed that He(Jesus) was a son of God. Jesus Ministry was centered on P(rophetic) H(ealing) & D(eliverance) Ministries, and that caused Him to be so popular here on earth and birthed Christianity and the number 1 selling book on earth [The Bible]. BUT PHD Ministries also caused JESUS to be hated by many tried several times until they finally killed Him on the cross – Just because He was a Son of God did not stop people from fighting Him and trying to Kill Him. Even the Apostoles themselves were attacked by some church goers like some of you here attacking Prophet W. Magaya untill they killed them. You are not doing anything new by attacking Prophet W. Magaya. SORRY!!! IF YOU ARE A TRUE CHRISTIAN & use the name JESUS, Then PHD Ministries founded By JESUS is inside of U, part of U, whether u like it or not!!! Anomakwa Ndiye Anebhora!!! I do not go to PHD in case u r wondering. Sorry Guys.

  46. Luke 6:26 (“Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets”).

  47. You can not be greater than your master, if they persecuted our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they will do the same to his servants. Remember of all the saints, only John died natural death, all others were killed. Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ because he was more interested in building of earthly kingdoms and had never shared same vision with Jesus Christ from the beginning. Prophet Magaya do not worry coz whatever they do, they will not win for your time has not yet come. The spirit of divine truth is protecting you our prophet, you are not alone. This is your time. Those who are with you are more than your enemies. I would like to thank you prophet for changing peoples lives including my own. Remember we are in this world but not a part of it. Happy birthday to you prophet- wish you many more. Forgive them they do not know what they are doing. “I WILL BE WITH YOU TO THE END OF THE WORLD”, said the AUTHOR OF LIFE. They have not yet known him [JESUS], ivhangeri raMwari vanorinzwa richiparidzwa asi moyo inoramba yakaoma, ndizvo zvakaita madzitateguru avo. Enjoy the grace released by Jehovah Shalom that even if they mock you, JESUS will stand with you, symbolising power and authority.

  48. Taurai henyu, Prophet handidi navo, lets come together in a fight against the dark side of the world, exposing the devil, healing the sick, delivering the captives, giving the less privileged, remembering widows and orphans, praying for the nation(s), donating to national team, teaching about the kingdom of God who is our Creator weather christian or not, imparting wisdom.
    Economic turnaround- transport operators get their share every wed, friday and sunday. Not forgetting food vendors. munoda munhu akaitasei? yesterday you cried of poverty nhasi magarabho mobaya dura. shame on you Zimbabweans. Muchavafunga prophet ivava I know

  49. Zvedu naProphet Magaya zvirikufaya. Mese muri ku hater Prophet mune ma demon, ende hamusati masvika kuYadah kwedu Prophet is doing miracles big time. Muri kusvotwa neyi muchida musingade tichamira navo Prophet W Magaya

  50. what ever he is doing,i think its best for you to know that you are not the one to judge him. be careful with the choice of your word.Try by all means kuti usabata mboni ye ziso ra mwari just by trying to proove you are good at making some nasty comments

    On the issue of zvipo he never asked from anyone to give zvipo. they just decided to surprise him an they contributed ….. not every church member. but he was shocked that those he thought where the closest to him and also those he had helped make it in life were the once who gave him the least.

    So if the issue of needles is fake was taking the videos and pictures going to make it real? Was he not able to insert the needles then take the videos and the photoes.

    let there be light in your lives


  51. Zvakabhadhara kwedu imi murikuvhurirei Yadah kureva kuti pane zviripo iyo nyika yedu irikunzi nayo nayo iyi munezvirimo mu Zimbabwe saka hama yangu inzwa PHD irikunzi nayo nayo nekuti ine zvakanaka zviri mairi, chimborotomokai asi muchauya zvenyu. Tinokugamuchirai nemaoko maviri kuPHD musanyare kana kutya huyai.

  52. kudai manyarara henyu hakuna anorwisa mwari akabudirira be wise mese .even Jesus akatengeswa nevepejdyo wan zvashamisa papi. wake up

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