Nyathi dares local artistes to be original


LOCAL artistes should strive for originality and shun copying if they are to make a mark on the international music scene, veteran poet and musician Albert Nyathi has said.


Nyathi said this at the ZimTalent Hunt’s lyrical content and song writing seminar at the weekend.

“Most local artistes are copying their music from other people and it is disappointing. Musicians should be original and this will pay for them on the international scene,” he said.

“If you are going to copy or borrow certain lyrics from someone’s song do it professionally by notifying them first before using their material.”

Nyathi also expressed disappointment at the absence of artistes in the industry at the event saying those in need of such training and information to spruce up their talent should have attended.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Elvas Mari, lauded the initiative by ZimTalent Hunt saying it will help artistes uphold ethics in song composition.

“As we write our songs we should always be cognisant that those songs are a reflection of national values, culture and aspirations,” he said.

“We urge all song writers to take lyrical excellence as their core responsibility for nation building that is fostered by good cultural practises that involve the use of words.”

A senior lecturer at the Zimbabwe School of Music Walter Mujuru conducted the lecture on “Lyrical Excellence”.

An initiative of Julius Muzuva, ZimTalent Hunt was launched in February in Harare and its main objectives are to discover national talent in various categories ranging from performing arts, creative arts, sports to business through competitions.

The initiative comes at a time when some artists have shunned the book and pen, resorting to freestyle singing which, according to a significant number of experienced musicians is a waste of talent as the productions are often mediocre and cannot match international standards.


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