No hero status for Midzi: Zanu PF


Former Mines minister and Zanu PF Harare provincial chairperson Amos Midzi, who died in a suspected suicide at his farm in Marirangwe near Harare, will not be accorded any hero status by the ruling party.


Despite serving as an ambassador to the United States from the late 1980s to the early ’90s and as a Cabinet minister, the Zanu PF Harare province has refused to discuss any honour for him “because he had been suspended”.

Acting Zanu PF chair Robert Kahanana said the provincial executive was not meeting to discuss any honour for Midzi since he had been reduced to an ordinary member due to allegations that he was part of a group working with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru to allegedly topple President Robert Mugabe.

“We are encouraging people to go there and console the family because he was a member of the party. But for us to sit down and discuss on anything like a hero status, we are not doing that because he was just an ordinary member of the party,” Kahanana said.

“He had been suspended for various allegations and as such, we are treating him as an ordinary member of Zanu PF.”

Amos Midzi .

Midzi was last year unceremoniously removed from the post of Harare chair along with nine other provincial leaders who were accused of working with Mujuru to topple Mugabe.

After his removal, he was slapped with a five-year suspension from the ruling party — effectively meaning he could not stand as an MP in 2018 or challenge for any post in the party until the five years had lapsed.

Before his suspension last year, Midzi had held various posts in Zanu PF and government> He was MP in Epworth and a Parliamentary chairperson for the Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He was Mines and Mining Development minister (2005 to 2009), Energy minister (2002 to 2005) and before that Mugabe had handpicked him to lead the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority as its chief executive soon after his return from his Washington posting.

In 1989, Midzi served in the Cabinet as a minister.

He was appointed Ambassador to the United States in 1993, at a time he sat in the Zanu PF politburo.

He once ran as Zanu-PF candidate for Mayor of Harare in 2002, but was defeated by Elias Mudzuri of the MDC.

He has also served as Zanu PF chairperson for Harare for many years until his unceremonious departure this year.

In March 2008, Midzi represented Zanu PF in Epworth, but was defeated by MDC-T’s Elias Jembere. He finally won the same constituency in 2013.

Midzi (62) is survived by wife Alice and three children. Mourners are gathered at number 857 Nursery Road, Mount Pleasant in Harare.


  1. I wonder if theres any difference in being buried next to cecil john rhodes in matopos or at national heroes acre

    • You are right. There is no difference at all to a sane mind. But you must know that ZANU PF is a bunch of insane nincompoops.

    • Gaya shamwari, even after all the stories we were told about how she downed a helicopter! Apparently heroism can be easily washed away with a few milligrams of gamatox.

  2. So only those who served zanu pf in senior positions are the onces who are accorded hero status??Cry my beloved country!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its now very clear, National Hero status is only given to those loyal to President Mugabe and ZANU PF. MaZimbabwe I think we should change National Heroes Acre to Zanu PF Heroes Acre.

    • that is so true and its very disappointing that the hero status thing seems like only for Zanu Pf cadres……….No democracy in Zim.

    • that is one place we will turn into a game park for monkeys only once we have been freed from ZANU PF slavery

  4. is it national hero status or should we call it Zanu Pf hero status. this issue should be non partisan…

  5. Saved from the perpetual curse of being buried at that acre. He can rest in peace at the Glen Forest and peacefully away from the madding crowd.

  6. Ukangoratidza kuti unemamwe mawonero akasiyana nava Mugabe mu zanupf wamama. Kana unema secrets awunoziva nehumhondi hwavo vanokumamisa. Asi naivo vachamama chete…. Zorora murugare cde Midzi mu zanupf varikuti hausi hero but kwatiri mhuri yezimbabwe you are more than a zanupf hero

  7. Who is a hero amongst this gangsters anyway. Heroes acre is just a zanupf cemetry nothing else. It reminds me of the French revolution when this white tombstones with predators inside were dug and the remains thrown away into gullies. Time will tell

  8. Majuru ndizvo manje. especially the brown,wathog- toothed type epachuru chowigwa vashakabvui anobatwa nenhukwe aye.Kana ukamasanganisa nemutetenerwa wenzungu, apa paine kamukonde nekapfuko kemhamba yenjera apo aaa, iwe, handidzoreke ini. Haaaaaa heeeyi!!!! , zvekuti juru rakamhodya ani izvo ndeyekwako iyoyo. ndozipigwa zvangu ini.

  9. I cant believe the likes of Kasukwere, Johnathan Moyo, Maziwisa etc now have a better chance of going to heroes acre than liberators like mai mujuru. Zanupf is now dead

  10. NO wonder why they don’t want to retire. Can Robert Kahanana tell us why an ordinary card carrying member should not be accorded national hero status if his past contribution has sufficient merit. Why was Clement Muneri Muchachi declared a national hero if that status is a preserve of top officials? When you have people like Border Gezi and Cain Nkala lying at the Heroes Acre when the likes of Amos Midzi and Edward Chindori Chininga were not even considered for that honor, one tend to wonder if there is any meaning or value in that thing called national hero.

  11. What are heroes, a status that stands as long as one is not threatening aka keshaya. He has all the men involved in the show by the balls by allowing them to be corrupt kachiti chidembo tamba tamba muswe ndakabata. Hakadi kubva pachigaro doing nothing there but sleeping. Mwari tongai vanhu vararame neupenyu hunofadza. Chokwadi here tese takabatwa je… kufa tichihohora. Gona parakavingwa ngari wanikwe toputsa veduwe zvitibve.

  12. Izwi radaidzira pakati pemakomo richiti zvapera uye Zvakakwana kuti, “Jesu Ishe pamuchinjikwa wakafira iwe”

  13. We have an advocate with the Father, the man Jesus,,,,,, everyone will give his OWN account.

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  15. Zimbabwe ihombe MDC must start building their own burial ground. Varungu vanga vane Matopo Hills and Pioneer Cemetery. Pagomo ndepe Zanu. Notable members gets state assisted funeral. Some get Provincial Hero status. Those who served selfless for Zim before and after 1980 are conferred national hero status by the Politburo. Non-politicians are also buried at the National Heroes Acre eg Jairos Jiri

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