Muzondo play triggers encore in Lusaka


INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed playwright and film producer Tafadzwa Muzondo’s play Demolishing Democracy is set for reshow next week at Lusaka Playhouse in Zambia after its premiere on June 4 and 5 at the same venues.

The play, which will be performed by Zambian cast — Natutambe Theatre — and directed by Isaac Kalumba, precisely displays a vivid account of the calamity that inhabitants of “illegal houses” face when their homes are destroyed by authorities.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Muzondo — who was elated by the great reception of the play — said the piece sought to rouse productive discussion hence it was important for Zambians as they were faced with similar problems in their day to day lives.

“The play is vital in stimulating dialogue on the issue of informal (illegal) settlements in both countries and how governments need to work with communities and all stakeholders in solving the problem, not just bulldozing people’s shelter leaving them homeless,” said Muzondo.

“Zambians relate very well with the play and I remember my conversation with Abdon Yezi (a Zambian producer) while I was still writing the play where he immediately noted that Zambians had the same problem.”

Muzondo said the development was a milestone not only for him, but for local theatre as a whole, adding that he was inspired to have written a play that had impact on a regional scale.

“I have taken plays abroad with a local cast a couple of times before, but this is the second time that my play is being performed by a foreign cast. I feel inspired that I am making a difference not only at home, but in the region,” he said.

The award-winning director/producer also lauded other local playwrights and casts that are making great strides beyond the nation’s borders and urged others to start exploring further.

The play is going to have a double billing (Zambian and Zimbabwean version) at Intwasa Arts Festival in September and will show at Hwange Little Theatre, University of Zimbabwe and local communities this year.

Muzondo has been in the theatre sector for nearly 15 years getting the best producer 2005, best director and best production 2014 for the April International Theatre Festival as well as the outstanding theatre award for National Arts Merit Awards.