Mujuru top ally in mysterious death


FORMER Mines minister Amos Midzi, a staunch ally of ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru, was found dead yesterday morning in a suspected case of poisoning.


The former Zanu PF Harare chairperson’s mysterious death has been linked to his recent suspension from the ruling party for allegedly working with Mujuru to topple President Robert Mugabe.

Midzi’s body was found inside his locked car at the family farm in Beatrice, about 30km outside Harare. The keys were found under a mat.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said investigators found poisonous substances and sleeping tablets at the scene.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the death of Amos Midzi in a suspected poisoning case, which occurred in the morning of 9th June 2015 at Munandi Farm, Beatrice,” Charamba said. “The body was inspected and no injuries were noted.
(A) one-litre container of a liquid, methanadophos (insecticide), which was three-quarters full, dormicum tablets and a cup containing a bluish liquid were found in the vehicle.”

Midzi, who would have turned 63 next month, was among Zanu PF’s long-serving members who were last month slapped with five-year suspensions for allegedly plotting to assassinate Mugabe and replace him with Mujuru.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who now speaks on behalf of the victims of the party’s unprecedented purge, described Midzi’s death as shocking.

“We are saddened by the development. I had not seen him for a while, but we understand he was devastated by what took place in the party,” he said. “It’s sad and tragic that this has happened.”

Midzi’s brother, Stanley, said the family was still trying to come to terms with the death. “We have lost a pillar in the family. We have been robbed of someone with lots of love, someone who gave us guidance as a family,” he said at the farm. “He had been in politics for some time now.”


When NewsDay arrived at the scene around mid-morning yesterday, police and pathologists were still carrying out forensic tests and family members were initially denied access to the body.

Mbare MP Tendai Savanhu, who was a close political ally of the late Midzi, was also present together with former Zanu PF central committee member Noah Mangondo and former Harare deputy chairperson Christopher Chigumba.

Midzi’s workers said the former Zanu PF Harare provincial chairperson arrived at the farm around midnight and left before dawn.
“When he left, we called after a few hours to check whether he had arrived home only to be told that he was not there,” one of the workers said. “That is when we traced the car to this spot.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said he had not yet received official communication on Midzi’s death from the Harare provincial executive.

“I am not officially told of the death, I have not confirmed that myself, but I have heard about it,” he said.

Midzi also previously served as ambassador to the United States.

He was recently suspended for five years together with former Transport minister Nicholas Goche, Savanhu (Agriculture deputy minister), Jason Machaya (Midlands Provincial Affairs minister), Kalisto Gwanetsa (former Masvingo provincial chairman), Mangondo (central committee member) and Munacho Mutezo (former Energy deputy minister), among others.

After his suspension, Midzi pledged to remain loyal to Zanu PF even though he had not expected to be suspended.

Midzi becomes the fourth senior Zanu PF official to die under a cloud after being entangled in political and government-related problems. Others are former Education minister Edmund Garwe (2001), ex-Transport minister Enos Chikowore (2005) and former National Affairs minister Maurice Nyagumbo (1989), who committed suicide after being implicated in scandals.


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    Must also say after successful negotiation and long and heavy transaction left the now tired and well serviced chef resting/sleeping with keys under matt as per agreement , locking door from outside.
    Might also consider throwing a bonus 1kUS to combi crew who can confirm picking this woman and dropping her at mbudzi.

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  2. That is the shit side of zanu pf. In three years time the same guys who have done ths are going to haunt these guys who think they are very safe at the moment i mean the Kasukuweres etc.guys in zanu pf why are you killing people?

  3. Khaya Moyo, so you want to be officially told what is awash in news. Muchafawo we kana muchifunga kuti muri simbi.

  4. Hahahaha you can smell a rat ..when the ZRP is generous with information. The nature of death and all chemicals involved were given like pronto…reading from script are we? Now we wait for the suicide letter which you forgotto discover or is it at his office…or is he the sacrificial lamb for Dzamara you can blame it on him if you want and all the chipangano boys ..would be very convenient . To all Zanu boys this is how the game goes! Zororo Duri,Rwizi Ziyenge,Morris Nyagumbo, Chris Ushewokunze,Paul Gunda,The other Brigadiers,Border Gezi, Nora Manyika, General, Chindori, Amos….who is next!

  5. To die because you have been suspended or fired from zanupf is the crazest thing ever to be done and I don’t think Midzi was that craze. It is a blessing in disguise to be fired from these gangsters. You will have been redeemed.

  6. Mhdsrip….Newsday u want to make money at all cost. Wats conection with Mujuru. If he was a close ally then why had he not talked to Gumbo for a long time. If Moyo had spoken you would be scrutinising every of his word now.

    Kuna Mujuru kumbare kwakamboita Harare United made up of disfruntled former Dynamos players. Asi Dynamos ichiri huruyadzo nanhasi. Chimboitayi mumbodya mari dzemadonor asi hamutongi.

    Kumhuri tinoti sorry. KuZRP tinoti please get to bottom of story.

  7. Khaya Moyo ita mushe iwewe wanzwa! offically told kuita sei, zvinhu zviri kuziviwa nebenzi zvaro riri mustreet iwe woti you want to be officially told. dont be silly baba imi

  8. Mumwe munhu unoona ane mazibango emotikari, dzimba dzakawanda nemapurazi hobho, wowona akuzviuraya. Wotoshaya kuti zvikufamba sei? Apawo mumwe anogara mutangwena uye achifamba nedza Adam asi uchiona hupenyu hwake huchifaya, woshaya kuziva kuti zvikufamba sei?

  9. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sory sory vakuru vechipangano vaenda shuwa. hutuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy kunaka huya uone iwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zvokwadi mukuru aenda shuwa. kunyangwe aurawa kana kufa oga the fact that Jimmy Kunaka, Gomwe and Midzi are not in a position to terrorise Harare citizens the better. Musafurirwe neZanu muchishungurudza vanhu. Nhasi mese muri 3 muri kupi. Mwari haasi wemunhu mumwechete.

  10. Ummmm zvanyanya izvi…….where was his bodygards.doesn’t he had one.if not ummm one of his partners they know what happened…musashungurudza vanhu vepadhuze nepaakafir coz they ain’t knw nothing about his death

  11. According to the workers, he arrived at the farm around mid-night and left at dawn. They then called TO FIND OUT IF HE HAD ARRIVED.
    When they were told that he had not, that’s when they TRACED…….

    Can someone help me here. Was it usual for them to phone and trace his movements? What prompted them to trace him as if he had said he was within the farm??????

    These workers should explain more.

    • You are spot on Gushungo!!!!!!I am not sure whether these workers want to be famous for being caring for their boss or are just ignorant not knowing that they have just made themselves suspects..

    • anyway what would be the point of visiting the arm at midnight then leaving at dawn, what purpose would the visit have served?what farm errand would be so urgent it must be done in the middle of the night ?and gushungu raises a good point, since when do ones employees call after their boss?

  12. Dear Editor,
    Edmund Garwe did not commit suicide. Yes, he had been implicated in an exams leak scandal and voluntarily resigned from his ministerial post which was an honourable thing to do. Furthermore, reports at the time of his death indicated that he had had an altercation with his elderly mother before he went to sleep. To lump the Garwe case with the rest of the cases cited in the article is not fair for the Garwe family. I think a correction is needed here.

    • there is no need for apology there. The death was ruled as suicide…unless you wana tell us how he died.

  13. Was it abnormal for him to leave at dawn for u to enquire if he had arrived?What made u ask if he had arrived?i mean was his behaviour or something amiss?many ????

  14. its very unusual for a person who wants to commit suicide to carry so many types of poisons to commit one act (suicide),the person who crafted the story line committed suicide by making it so obvious that the deceased did not commit suicide,better planning next time

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