‘Mujuru to face Mugabe in 2018’

National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru (left) will take her campaign to President Robert Mugabe's traditional stronghold

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has made up her mind to challenge President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 presidential elections, one of her most vocal backers has said.

Reuters/Staff Reporter

Former State Security minister and Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa — who was expelled from his government and party posts together with Mujuru — told Reuters news agency yesterday that the former Vice-President would run for the top office.

“She has gone beyond thinking about it. She will contest and I am confident she will be the first female President of Zimbabwe,” Mutasa told Reuters.

On Monday, Mujuru apologised to Zimbabweans for her role in Mugabe’s government, in a move seen by allies as a step towards challenging him for power.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure described Mujuru’s move as “political repentance”.

“She wants now to regenerate her political career, but she needs first to disown skeletons — and they are many — in the Zanu PF cupboard,” Masunungure said.

Mujuru worked with Mugabe during the 1970s liberation war and after independence and was until last December seen as the leading candidate to succeed him.

But the veteran 91-year-old leader last year accused her of plotting to unseat him from office through unconstitutional means, a charge Mujuru denied. She lost her positions in both government and the ruling Zanu PF party.

Mujuru issued a public statement on Monday, taking blame for Zanu PF’s failure to deliver on promises to Zimbabweans and said her dismissal was inevitable because her vision diverged from that of Mugabe and the Zanu PF leadership.

“For my own role in this failure, I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans,” Mujuru said.

“It is a time in our history for contrition and reflection, for cleansing.”

She declined to comment further when contacted by Reuters yesterday.

Mujuru in April accused Zanu PF of losing focus on the economy, which is slowing sharply.

Mujuru has in recent weeks been attacked for not standing up for her supporters who were axed in the aftermath of Zanu PF’s congress last December.

In her statement on Monday, pregnant with innuendo, Mujuru said she had resolved to serve the nation in whatever role God apportions her, before contemplating on her future and imagining scenarios for the country.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was not available for comment yesterday.

Zimbabwe holds its next presidential vote in 2018 and Zanu PF has already chosen Mugabe, who will be 94 then, as its candidate.
Mujuru (60) is being publicly encouraged by allies to form a political party.


  1. Zviroto zvekutonga ZimbaRemabwe hazvina kuipa. Hope idzi dzinonakidza zvikuru kkkkkkkk. Keep on dreaming

  2. Joice Joice Joice Joice heeeeheeee unondiona

  3. Tendai Chaminuka

    If you have held a position of authority in either zanu or the opposition for the past 10 years hauna kodzero yekutonga.A GREAT failure,you are.Turning a city into a village.Boreholes and potholes everywhere

  4. Tendai Chaminuka

    What new progressive things can Zimbabwe benefit from a failed administrator.Turning a city into a village of potholes and boreholes.

  5. A divided ZANU PF will give advantage to my MDC-T. Let’s do it this time guys.

  6. Llodza Taka's

    Joyce Mujuru pamberi nemi amai
    sunungurai vana veZimbabwe tanzwa nenhamo neutongi hweudzvanyiriri

  7. nhai Asylum, what will MDC win when they are refusing to participate in elections under same conditions that they agreed to in 2013?

  8. mugabe cant stand in 2018 for obvious reasons.so its mnangagwa vs mujuru on the zanu pf side.but for the opposition side i think its logical for all opposition members to rally behind mai mujuru and stop mnangagwa at all costs.afterall he is the arctecture of all current zim problems.he admitted himself as much recently that in 2008 all the other members of govt had conceded defeat but him and his joc decided to fight back.so the slogoan 2018 should be : LETS STOP MNANGAGWA AT ALL COSTS!!!

    1. and Mnangagwa will be beaten all system down. Youknow he used to be seen better when he was not speaking, mazuva ano ariukutaura and he talks nonsense, not Presidential material we cannot repeat the same mistake.

  9. @tik tak i might be wrong but mujuru is still zanu and has not truly repented of the sins she was involved in, in the past 35 years. i can only vote for her when she tells us what happened in those years. she knows how elections were rigged, she knows how people disappeared and why. she supported that and never talked against it. if she comes out in the open and tell people how it was all done to keep the dictactor for so long then we can vote for her or else when she comes into power she will us the same skills. she should first show the signs of repentance before we say yes to her. she should name the shame. not this little repentance she gave us on monday

  10. matuzviemheni

    sssss I think you are right.All those expelled Zanoids must own up on all the means and ways that were employed in rigging elections for us to believe them. Else we shall remain skeptical and take this as another Zanoid project for 2018. See now we concerntrating on their spurios inhousi fighting rather than the fight for our livelihoods. Come 2018 and beyond all those purportedly expelled will be handsomely rewarded for a job well done. Therefore they really have toreally repent else they are telling us what we know and we will remain skeptical about their sincerity. Remember its reported bob once said he has 20 ways of winning(read rigging)elections. Ngavareurure pachiMadzibaba pekutaura zvese

  11. Pamberi naamai

  12. Mujuru unfortunately, is not presidential material. Mutasa wants us to believe that Mujuru has the support base but trust you me, its mutasa who wants to be the president. he is just using mujuru to taste the waters.

  13. Mutasa is the Mangoma of the Zanu Renewal Team. Watch this space!

    1. wataura iwe,but mutasa here sure kuita president,ngatiitei serious boyz dzangu

  14. I see similarities .. very soon there will be leadership wrangles in the Zanu Renewal Team. VaMutasa vachabatwa nemukadzi wemunhu .. this is when there is reality kuti the Zanu Renewal Team is establishing some base.

  15. i think mai mujuru is a better devil.in anycase people change.a coalition of mujuru and tsvangirai is unbeatable.UNITY for CHANGE.

  16. The bottom line is that Joyce Mujuru is ZANU PF and a frog in lipstick. She should be discarded and rejected like the vermin that she is . She can’t have her cake and eat it too. All her cohorts are partners in crime.

    1. staff reporter

      ini zii zvangu

  17. Who is he to reach 94?

  18. If we go back a few years ago all these guys who make a lot of noise, I am not saying empty tins make loudest noise, they are all ZANU PF products, starting with Mugabe, Mutasa, Mujuru, Prof Ncube, gay gangsters, Tsvangison wacho, Mliswa, Biti and all the rattly rattly bodies. At least Joyce as overcome the fear of nothing and has come out to say I was bad guy but am not repentant…so lt us support her but NEVER to hero warship her. We all appreciate her strategy of managing her confronting ZANU PF. I do not blame her because she knows that if you become reckless these ZANU thugs will squash you like lie a louse. My advice to mai JM is to slowly engage with Zimbos and talk a little bit so that we know what is dip down in your heart. Sometimes quietness is a sign of weakness and I don’t care attitude.

  19. in these days of BPs and heart attacks I advise JM to be content with herself now or she might invite problems related to disappointment mental fatigue and feeling rejected. I think she had done very well in the last few months then DM started disturbing her peace of mind with unattainably high dreams.

  20. l don’t trust u Mujuru .

  21. GushungowekuGP

    We must campaign for Mugabe to stand in 2018. That way ZanuPf will be split into three centres of power, Mugabe, Munangagwa and Mujuru!

  22. Sabhuku Mukorangebhachi

    Is she presidential material? We need technocrats not opportunists.

  23. Mujuru ndokuti Amai kaaa uku! Kwete kajoki kaRobert aka. Tsvangirai Vice wake Zanu yowona Moto!

  24. Mujuru ndokuti Amai ka uku!

  25. Can not remember where I saw this..’….from exorcism must flow carhasis’…Who ever is doing the PR work for the former VP is a genius. They must follow this thread to its logical conclusion and Mrs Mujuru can join Liberia’s Johnson. She has to really come clean to get there though, one statement will not do the trick. Of course it is a smart first of the baby steps but there is still more to be done in this vein..She has to further coat her apology with more. She must also put to bed the issue of her husband’s estate which appears to be a rather ugly albatross around her neck. I would urge her to go on countrywide tour apologising from the soles of her feet…its the best thing to do! In a country where politicians have appropriated all rights to themselves this apology is a refreshing step..she needs to build on it!

    1. The above should read ‘from exorcism to catharsis’

  26. mujuru can only be trusted if she is prepared to work with Tsvangirai…which I hope she will do

  27. every zimbo is a zanu pf supporter only that some a disgruntled supporters

  28. Go home and rest Joice thanks for nothing …..pathetic looser.What do you have that’s new just rent seeking for apathy .Hire a psychologist.Zimbabwe is not your personal project!

  29. A new leader with a different political dimension is being mentored. Long sufferings of all Zimbabweans will come to an end once he lands..

  30. Foro Busumani

    Every sane person has an obligation to forgive 70*7 times per day; so Madam apology accepted. Her only problem is trying to use an apology to advance a stalled career. To make matters worse her PR is already being given credit over matters of conscience which should rest solely in God’s hands. Has she truly repented or its just a tactical move? Anyway that’s not our business, ours is to forgive 70*7 times a day. Let her advance her career under true leadership credentials, an apology is for her OWN good, amen. Let her unconditionally join hands with trusted veterans like Dr Simba, Hon Biti, etc. The position she is coverting is currently occupied by Mr Tsvangirai. True repentance brings about perfect judgement. Until then she remain an object of abuse by those self seeking vultures pushing and fronting her, ,,. Hopefully her team will surrender surplus farms to the deserving poor. I need one.

  31. Mwamuka sei babamukuru?

  32. Aiwa tamuka hedu. Ko vamuka sei vapwere? Komasoko?

  33. Haa uyu Rutenga ndiye ane besa apindwa nezando kurwizi kwatakarara kumasowe. Mundiunzire tsangamidzi mawe kuende kugarden. Masoko ndiwoka amhaiyo, vakuzve kude kutonga. Kwatozi vachafambe nharaunda nenharaunda, uye mumachechi mweaimbo blasifema makore aya vasati vafaiwa uye varikuti havana kupuwe gupuro. Pamwe vachakuguriraiwo kamuforo mumapurazi evakakumba. Mahwani chaiwo babamukuru. Ndichambopaka Rutenga usvusvu apfawise gotsoro.

  34. Hahahaha zvaMai Tino askana apa munin’ina wangu hapana zvakaita,,, kuti ndingapuwe muforo. Iiiii bvandingakohwe migaroni gumi yebhinzi. Tumai Tino auye kugadheni kanandikaiona ndobvako handizosviki nokwenyu ndazwe kuti Mai Mawambo akabereka zuro manheru mwana mukomana anonzi Pauta. Auye nemahewu.

  35. Makorokoto shumba, mhukahuru, ndiko kukura kwemusha. Tino atoo mugwanzi

  36. Aiwa tese!

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