Mugabe suffers Nigerian humiliation


President Robert Mugabe was last week accosted by Nigerian journalists who demanded to know when he was going to step down.


Mugabe first indulged the journalists, telling them he was happy to be in Nigeria for newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration, but the smile soon faded when the reporters began asking about democracy in Zimbabwe.

Video courtesy of SaharaTV

One of the reporters, clearly relishing waylaying Mugabe, inferred whether it was not ironic that Mugabe was attending an inauguration in Nigeria where power had changed hands, yet he continued to cling onto power, 35 years after independence.




Mugabe’s bodyguards had a rough time controlling the journalists from Sahara Reporters, who refused to be pushed away, saying they were only doing their jobs asking questions.

Sahara Reporters is an online news agency, promoting citizen journalism and reports mainly on corruption and human rights abuses.

The treatment of the 91 year-old leader has elicited an angry reaction from Information minister Jonathan Moyo who described the journalists as ‘Boko Haram’.


Boko Haram is Nigeria Muslim terrorist sect that has killed thousands of civilians and at one time controlled vast territory in the West African country.



  1. jonathan moyo…shame, he keeps trying to defend the indefensible, we yearn, as zimbabweans, to know how it feels to have different presidents 9leaders not rulers!

    • Fact let them come and ask the same questions in Zim if they are serious kkkkkk .Don’t dare.Please focus on Boko Haram kkk.

  2. Jonathan haashaye zvekutaura. Thats democracy my friend Jonso. Reporters ask anything about whatever. Ask Cameron of britain, there are no sacred cows. When a question is asked it must be answered. I hope this episode wil put brakes in globe trotting happening of late

    • No one believes Jonathan Moyo, including himself. He actually chuckles at this video and privately celebrates Nigerian jornos for asking the questions every normal African now asks – when are you calling the quits Mr Mugabe? ED is asking the same question for he could be committed at the heroes acre as all preceding male VPs before he takes the thrown.

  3. According to JONATHAN MOYO AND GEORGE CHARAMBA. The PRESIDENT broke the humiliation by not answering the questions. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Thank you Saharanewsonline !Welcome to the real world…is it just me who heard one of the body gurads say… iwe pinda mumota mhani ..when Matibhiri was just about to say something lol

  5. Mugabe could not answer because he has no justification to be hanging onto to power for such a long time. The rest of Africa is now seeing that he likes to go to these inaugurations for new leaders whilst he doesn’t allow the same in Zimbabwe.

    Also could Zim reporters ask visiting presidents the way Sahara reporters did? No, because there is no freedom in Zim. Other countries have moved forward whilst Zim is still stuck backwards.

    • He gets angry at the mention of that word! He thinks democracy is an imperialistic word.

  6. No wonder Zimbabwe has become a reproach and a laughing stock. We are a tragic nation. We will all have to stand before God one day and answer. I wonder what RGM will say then. There will be no cio and body guards. Only the God of truth. At Independence I was 23 years old. I am now 58 and one president. It is disgusting and tragic for our destroyed nation and oppressed impoverished people. Independence? What independence? ZPF are a sick joke

  7. Thank you Sahara Reporters for asking Mugabe some REAL questions.This man is too old and should retire.PLAIN & SIMPLE.

    Look how uncomfortable he gets when asked when he will step down.

    Congratulations Nigeria for showing us that democracy is possible even in Africa….

  8. Its sad how Matibilly had no answers to very simple questions. Kikikikikikikikikikikikiknvgdzy…..

  9. Its sad how the fear of gamatoxication has turned Bonyongwe himself into a body guard. Can you imagine the Director of the CIA being a bodyguard to Obama? KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  10. Jonathan is such a fool. What is preplanned about asking Mugabe why he’s overstayed in the presidency. Did somebody see the Nigerian Protocol Officer tell one of Mugabes goonhead CIO not to push the journalist?

  11. I want to marry the lady who was asking Mugabe questions and bring he to zim, she can be our next President.

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