Mohadi pays assault victim $3 000


Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi has agreed to pay $3 000 compensation to a Harare man who was brutally assaulted by police last October.


Prince Jack had initially demanded $11 000 damages in his lawsuit against Mohadi, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and a police officer identified as Morros who is based at Mbare Police Station.

But after the summons were issued, they opted to settle the matter out of court, resulting in the two parties signing a deed of settlement between lawyers from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) and the Attorney-General (AG) Civil Division last Friday.


“Wherefore the plaintiff (Jack) has instituted a claim for the payment of $11 000 being damages for pain, shock, suffering and contumelia perpetrated by third defendant (Morros), interest thereon on the prescribed rate and cost of suit,” part of the agreement read.

“And wherefore the parties entered into negotiations and entered into an ex-curial settlement in respect of the foregoing and other issues which the parties wish to reduce into writing.

“Now, therefore, it’s agreed and recorded as follows; the defendants (all three) shall pay the plaintiff jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved the sum of $3 000 being damages for shock, pain, suffering and contumelia in full and final settlement of the total claim.”

Jack said he was arrested by two police officers on October 24 last year while in the company of his friend as they were passing through Mbare bus terminus.

He said they were taken to Mbare Police Post where they were subjected to physical assaults for no apparent reason.

Jack said he tried to cover his face with his hands, but Morros heavily assaulted him on his hands with a baton stick and fractured his left arm as he covered his face.