Man accuses ex-wife of abusing sick son


A Harare man, Abraham Chitendi has accused his former wife Mary of abusing their 34-year-old son who suffers from fits.


According to Abraham, the couple was still living under the same roof, but using separate bedrooms although they had been married for 30 years and divorced for the past 13 years.

“She is abusing our son who suffers from fits. She orders him to climb up an avocado tree to get some avocados and my fears are that he might suffer a seizure while up the tree,” Abraham said.

Abraham said their son was taking pills, but each time he did not take his medication, he would become ill. He also accused Mary of not making sure that their son received medication as and when required.

Abraham accused his wife of not giving their son medication sometime last week when he was admitted to hospital although she had been asked to do so by the nurses.

He added that Mary also used their son to harass him by attempting to have him evicted from their matrimonial home.

In her response, Mary argued that Abraham was making false allegations as she had never rejected their son, adding that each time he would fall into a fit, she got depressed.

She added that it was, in fact, recently when she attempted to attend to him, but failed because the child got sick while under Abraham’s care.

“He is just accusing me of these things as a way of fighting me because I recently applied for full custody over our son,” she said.

Mary said that Abraham had even gone to the extent of falsely reporting her to the police, accusing her of driving a stolen car.

Harare magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza dismissed Abraham’s application.


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