Magaya berates Zifa


Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya on Thursday tore into Zifa, accusing the national football association of abusing the money he donates to the Warriors.

Magaya humiliated Zifa chief executive officer (CEO) Jonathan Mashingaidze at Rufaro in front of the players by openly claiming that Zifa had diverted the money to settle other debts at the expense of paying the players.

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Magaya came to the Warriors rescue last week when he paid for their trip to an Afcon qualifier in Malawi, which they won 2-1.
He also paid the players’ match appearance fees.

Before that, he gave the team R560 000 for preparations and allowances for the Cosafa Cup last month.

“I wasn’t very happy on the issue of the rands I gave to the players,” he said.
“Some of them did not get it including the coach.
“My support is going towards these boys.
“Mr Mashingaidze my support is not for you or the Zifa side.
“I am not a political person.
“My support is for these guys, I am not supporting your side to clear your debts with this money.
“You understand? Whatever I support is coming straight to these boys.”

Mashingaidze nodded endlessly as the preacher berated him and Zifa.

“I want to concentrate on these players and change their lives,” he continued.

“Whatever is happening at Zifa is not my concern.”
Magaya then took the players for a private discussion, barring Mashingaidze from attending the address.

After the address, the prophet then took with him a few players, led by Cuthbert Malajila to give them allowances to be shared by the Warriors.


  1. I think it was not proper for Magaya to say some of these things infront of the players. Besides, why should he have a private discusion with players where Zifa is not invited. This is not how its done in football. He is dividing players and the mother body and we dont condone that. He must be a unifier instead of acting like a good person while divorcing the boys from the mother body.

    Magaya is a sponsor fair and fine, he must just ask the account numbers of the players and put the allowances. We have had people helping the team on so many occassions. Some of them were doing it secretly for the good of the sport. Not this business of coming to the training ground.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Magaya orders the players to atend his church service yet these players belong to different church denominations where they must also attend.

    This is a national team not a Magaya team. Who really gave him that mandate to address the players? If everyone who helps the team would do that then it will turn into a circus.

    While I appreciate Magaya’s contributions I am also forced to say the Dos and Donts that the sponsors must know.

    If he wants to contribute something, he must organise an evening programme for his donations through Zifa and there he can address the players and not humuliate Zifa in front of the players. If Zifa are wrong he must also organise a meeting with them and call a spade a spade with the players not in attendance. How dare does a mother tell a chlid that your father is a thief. Its obvious the child wont respect the father but the fact remains the father will remain the father and he deserves respect from the children.

    From what Magaya said in front of the players, believe you me the players no more have respect for Zifa instead they now respect Magaya.

    Magaya must atleast show maturity in the way he handles situations. He must know what to say and what not to say to the players and where and when to say what.

    Thanks to Magaya for helping the national team financially, may the Almighty continue blessing him.

    We are also expecting sanity at Zifa and all the best to our beloved national team.

    I also call upon the government to play their part like what happens in other countries. We are tired of them complaining yet they have never contributed anything.

    To the business community come lets work together for the good of sport in our country.

    To the boys I say, “Go Boys Go”

    Lastly to the owners of the team who are the supporters, together we will make it. Come lets rally behind the team.

  2. Thank you Prophet for helping these young boys.This will boost their confidence level whenever they come for National Duty, because they will always know that there is a shoulder to cry on.Being supported by people of your caliber(a Prophet,and a true Man of God) just brings joy to all Zimbabweans soccer fans and the Nation as a whole.


  3. zifa zifa whats wrong with the board members, I would like to thank you baba Magaya for being supportive to our warriors ,inkosi ikwandisele mfowethu

  4. The issue of individuals and corporate organisations handing monies directly to our boys is very dangerous and can be manipulated.
    If the individuals concerned have problems with the authorities its easy for them to manipulate the boys as they cant refuse because they know where their bread is buttered.(NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS THE CASE).The more reason we should have a transparent body through which such fans are channeled and eventually handed to the boys. ZIFA officials must be ashamed of themselves for diverting the monies knowing fully well that the whole country was following the events ESPECIALLY after such poor planning. A good gesture from a soccer loving Pastor.

    • Though the getsure was bad, the motive was right. At least it was done by a man of the cloth dai wanga wari wamwe it would be open to manipulation.

      I think we need a new ZIFA with new people and new problems.

      Aya matambudziko taneta nawo.

  5. Is Pasuwa happy with the intervention of Prophet Magaya with the National team? Why did he leave the stadium soon after training when he heard Magaya was coming? Does this whole thing has to do with the Magaya vs “Marine Spirits” Vapostori issue? Is it ok for The Prophet to adress the players because he is a sponsor? Can somebody give me an answer.

  6. zifa munonyadzisa,ivava Profet kaa pane basa,itsitsi dzei bhinya kuperekedza mwana kucrech

  7. the gesture is right, but you do not do and say that in front of players without talking to the board first. i understand zifa is messed up, but at the same time individuals or companies should not approach this matter in such a way. there are protocols tob be followed. machannels should be followed not kungoita mazvake mazvake like this. this is disrespectful …….smh

  8. Hapana chakaipa chaitwa naprophet apa. Sometimes following the channels its useless and time wasting. Ikozvino hapana time to follow useless channels nembavha idzo zvadziri kuita nxaaa

  9. iyi ndomboma yokuzvambura wanhu wakuru sa Mr Mashingaidze ne boka ravo.nxtym havapame zve nenyandzi dzivagere pahuma.big up Va Magaya

  10. Guys dont just blame the prophet especially if you are not aware of the previous incidents. The fact that he is a man of God doesn’t mean he must not participate into helping out in any organization. Akanyarara hanzi anaMagaya varipi. Akapindira hanzi this and that. Vanhu vezimbabwe fariraiwo zvaitwa nevakuru vedu. Dzidzaiwo kutenda. Dai mawarriors akatadza kuenda kumalawai maitaura rubber futi. Thank you prophet Magaya. Murambe makadaro. Vakuru vakati ane mari ndiye mukuru Nd it true

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