JSC out to demystify courts

Members of the judiciary march into the parliament.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) deputy Walter Chikwana says the commission is seeking to demystify courts of law and make them user-friendly through its open day sessions held across provinces.


Addressing an open day in Gweru over the weekend, Chikwana said the sessions gave the public a rare opportunity to interact and get legal advice from lawyers and court personnel at no cost.

“People do not understand the purpose of the court. They think that when you are summoned to court, you have been sentenced to prison, which is not always the case,” Chikwana said.

“The court is not only for criminals, but it is also for settling disputes like inheritance issues, for those who are not sure how to handle ownership issues over property when they are a widow, widower or orphan” he added.

Chikwana encouraged victims of abuse and domestic violence to approach the courts so that they can get redress and live peaceful lives.

Newly-elected Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe MP Auxilia Mnangagwa encouraged the public, especially students, to take the opportunity to learn about legal proceedings.
“This is an opportunity for the students at university to acquaint themselves with the JSC,” she said.

“It comes at a time we seek to capacitate our youth with knowledge so that they can be empowered,” she added.

The event was graced by 27 stakeholders, among them representatives of law firms, para-legal non-governmental organisations, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, magistrates, prosecutors and officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, among others.


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