Jive Zim director sucked into Jah Prayzah, Muchabaiwa ‘divorce’

Jah Prayzah

TOP music marketer and distributor Jive Zimbabwe has been sucked into the nasty fallout between contemporary musician Jah Prayzah and his manager Filda Muchabaiwa amidst indications that the marketer wants to handle the lanky star’s business, NewsDay has established.


Information at hand indicates that while Muchabaiwa roped in Jive Zimbabwe to handle the launch of Jah Prayzah’s latest album Jerusalem, she could have made a fatal mistake as the distributor now wants to take over her responsibilities.

“Things started to change ahead of the album launch with Filda and Jah Prayzah clashing on whether to engage Jive Zimbabwe or to run their own affairs amid claims that there would be miss-management of funds,” said a source.

Although Muchabaiwa — who has been Jah Prayzah’s manager over the last nine years — was reluctant to speak when contacted for comment, Jive Zimbabwe director Benjamin Nyandoro denied the claims that he was set to take over the management of the musician’s affairs.

“Part of the many roles of Jive Zimbabwe is to provide advice to local artistes as a way of bringing professionalism to the sector. I can say I am an advisor to many artistes, not what is being said that I want to join the Jah Prayzah camp,” Nyandoro said.

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“I am not going to be employed, neither do I have the intention of getting employed by Jah Prayzah. If I am to provide a service to Jah Prayzah, it is done on behalf Jive Zimbabwe as part of its functions to advise artistes.”

Nyandoro added that he had no axe to grind with Muchabaiwa whom he had worked with in the past and their relationship was “strictly business”.

He also described as false reports that his company deliberately sabotaged Jah Prayzah by failing to provide cheaper CDs that could be afforded by most fans. The CD that was released onto the market last week is going for $10.

This resulted in the market flooding with pirated CDs of the musician, a day after release selling at $1 each.

“Jah Prayzah’s CD is rightly priced. Looking at the going rates both regionally and internationally, the CD is actually pegged lower. We should remember that there are costs associated with the content,” he said.

Insiders however claimed that Muchabaiwa’s alleged association with upcoming musician, Andy Muridzo, could have brewed trouble for her as her contract had no provisions to manage artistes other than Jah Prayzah.

The matter is currently being handled by Jah Prayzah’s lawyer Edwin Hamunakwadi.

“The dust is yet to settle with Mabla 10, his stage manager, also likely to be shown the exit door if he does not apologise since the soldier (Jah Prayzah) is breathing fire,” said the insider.


  1. Anyone who thinks at ten dollars a CD is priced right is delusional. It may be the correct product cost but in this age of free downloads you have to move with the times. Maximise revenue by flooding the market with cheaper original product rather than sticking you head in the sand like an ostrich.

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