Yali Profile :IT expert nurtures Africa’s online presence


Ecstatic at being selected as one of the 30 participants for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, infopreneur Kelvin Mutize is ready to use that platform to tell Africa’s story.


Kelvin uses his knowledge and skills set as webmaster, blogger, trainer and social media strategist to grow Africa’s online presence through being part of two start-ups namely, Tehillah Media and TvYangu.

At Tehillah Media, a start-up that seeks to help African content become more visible on the internet Kevin’s focus and heart is cultivating Africa’s presence online by focusing more on content creation, internet marketing, search engine optimization and brand management. Using the Tehillah Media platform, Kelvin has been able to build and administer websites, blogs and social media accounts for a number of different non-profit organizations across industries ranging from entertainment, film, technology and entrepreneurship.

Also working with TvYangu, (a video-on-demand platform which curates and publicizes African content online), Kelvin has been instrumental in organizing and running workshops, master classes and seminars to help people across industries to increase the quality of African initiatives and start-ups.

He also spends most of his spare time at Champions for Life, a psychosocial-spiritual support program for children, adolescents, and young adults who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, where he is the current Southern Africa Regional Leader, Administrator and Programs Trainer. In this capacity, Kelvin covers over 11 different nations in Southern Africa travelling with different teams to spearhead and train local teams in different nations on how to run the Champions program.

Kelvin’s heart for people continues to be seen as he once again finds time to volunteer at Endless Possibilities, an organization that empowers disabled students who are studying in tertiary institutions within Zimbabwe. He has been serving as administrator, trainer and social media manager for the organization for the past three years.

After his fellowship ends Kevin wants to come back to Zimbabwe and “see how he can teach others & impart what he has learnt so that they can also be able to get better in what they do as well as establish a creative space for people to come and be a part of and help their creative bar to grow.”

You can follow his MWF experience on twitter @arkofworship