Insecure man abuses wife, children


A HARARE woman was this week granted a peace order against her abusive husband after he reportedly verbally, physically and psychologically abused her out of insecurity.


Harare magistrate Audrey Tarugarira ruled in favour of Grace Mugota who had dragged her husband Christopher to court seeking a peace order.

However, Christopher denied the allegations and instead accused his wife of always being in the company of other men from her church in the absence of their wives.

“When I come back from work and ask her why she does that as well as telling her how I feel about it, she disagrees with me and starts alleging that I abuse her,” Christopher said.

But in her response, Grace accused her husband of using a pastor to pick a fight and yet he knew that he was her last hope for the couple’s child who suffers from cancer.

She told the courts that at some point she served her husband with food but instead he poured a glass of water on her in the presence of their children before attempting to assault her.

“We have a pair of twins that is currently out of school because he doesn’t cater for their needs yet he also doesn’t allow me to go to work,” Grace said.

She also told the court that each day her husband would give her $2 or $3 at most and whenever she told him of other needed commodities he would tell her to save money.

“Our children are out of school and he has even told one of them to go to South Africa and seek employment instead,” she said.


  1. Some of these pastors’ operations are suspicious. Why does he always go to another man’s house if he is not welcome? Ngaavanamatire vanhu ku church not mudzimba. We have heard a lot…

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