I need to rest: Dethroned Miss World Zimbabwe


DETHRONED Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Tatanga Kachote yesterday said she needed time to cool off after a rocky reign that has lasted about two months.


Kachote said she would continue modelling despite the setback that has seen her relinquishing her crown due to alleged leaked nude pictures.

In what appears to be the new template for the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant, Kachote is the second model after last year’s Thabiso Phiri was also deposed by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust over the nude pictures that were circulated on social media.

First princess Annie Grace Mutambu will be crowned the new queen on June 20 in the capital.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, the 25-year-old Kachote said she needed the dust to settle before discussing issues relating to her situation.

“If you may give me some time from all this hullaballoo, I just need a break,” she said.

Asked whether she would continue modelling, Kachote said: “Modelling is my passion and if you see me walking in the street you don’t doubt my capacity as a model.”

Miss Zimbabwe Trust spokesperson Tendai Chirau said they dethroned Kachote after their investigations proved that she posed nude and the model confessed.

“After serious investigations that took almost four weeks, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust executive did not hesitate to dethrone Emily Kachote as we seek to promote professionalism in the modelling sector,” Chirau said.

He said from their investigations they discovered that pictures that circulated on various social media platforms were not Emily’s, but she once posed nude thereby violating Regulation 5 of the pageant.

“Regulation 5 for Miss World Zimbabwe Trust, which conforms to the one stipulated by Miss World, states that professionally or socially in all forms of media posing nude, being in a relationship, sexual advances towards anyone and any behaviour categorised as immoral by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust is grounds for instant disqualification and/or dethronement and that is exactly what we followed,” Chirau said.

“All the 57 models who went into the boot camp signed a form with this information saying they had never done it. In such a situation, we did not hesitate to effect our rules and our stakeholders supported our decision.”

Former model and founder of Zim Gossip Model agency Mercy Mushaninga said she supported Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Mubaiwa-Chiwenga’s stance of bringing professionalism to the modelling sector.

Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Tatanga Kachote flanked by first princess annie-grace mutambu left and second princess Chengetai Marcia Kanonhuwa

“Marry is setting the bar high and I support her. Aspiring models will know that Miss World Zimbabwe is a no-nonsense pageant,” she said.

The formbook of professional beauty pageants associated with glitz and glamour continued to be torn into shreds with the turn of events leaving the country’s premier beauty pageant soul-searching as such scandals had never been witnessed since independence.

Modelling Industry Association Zimbabwe (Miaz) director Wilbert Rukato said the controversy surrounding the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant was a result of unprofessional scouting by organisers.

“The Miss Zimbabwe Trust, which has taken over the management of the national pageant, has turned the hitherto professional and credible beauty contest into a haven for scandal with almost every model ending up mired in controversy,” Rukato said.

“Miss World Zimbabwe can be commended for efforts to bring class to the event, but all that comes to naught when models, some of whom are agency rejects, serial boyfriend mockers, recycled contestants and runway models, are given the podium.”

Rukato said Miss World Zimbabwe’s scouting team must improve on the model’s profiling techniques to ensure that scandal-free title holders are selected.


  1. Garbage in garbage out -That’s what you get when you have these wannabe models posing as beauty pageants. I agree with Wilbert recycling these agency rejects wont auger well for Miss Zim pageant. We know that there were contestants that were kicked out of the competition the other year for sneaking out of camp and to our surprise they contested the last pageant, so really what do you expect from such calibre??

  2. this miss zim pageant thing is ungodly. whats the motive behind. isai mari ku charity work kana yawandisa kwamuri

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