Headman ousted for supporting MDC-T

Zanu PF members sing as they welcome MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

A MUTASA Central headman in Manicaland Province has been stripped of his post for allegedly supporting the main opposition


Romberai Medzani, who was a headman in Mandeya 1, was summoned to Chief Mutasa’s farm last Saturday and relieved of his duties after he was accused of supporting the opposition party.

He was immediately replaced by Zanu PF activist Philemon Medzani.

Mutasa Central MP and MDC-T provincial spokesperson Trevour Saruwaka confirmed the development yesterday.

“The Zanu PF demon is manifesting itself in Mutasa Central in the form of interfering with the roles and appointment of traditional leaders. I am surprised that Chief Mutasa is reducing himself by taking orders from Zanu PF,” Saruwaka said.

“They (traditional leaders) are supposed to be apolitical and should not answer to the whims of political players. Chief Mutasa must distance himself from this illegal deposition of a legitimate traditional leader in an attempt to appease Zanu PF, a party rejected at the last polls by the people of Mutasa Central.”

Some local traditional leaders who declined to be named criticised Mutasa for politicising the traditional leadership institution.

“We can only say this move is a violation of tradition. Headmanship is passed from father to son, and for the chief to dismiss anyone on political grounds is unacceptable. Chiefs and headmen are part of the traditional leadership system and should be apolitical,” said a headman who spoke on condition of anonimity.

The traditional leaders in the area expressed fear that Medzani’s case could be part of Zanu PF’s plot to punish all perceived opposition party sympathisers.


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