Harare vendor assaulted by hubby for coming home late

Vegetable vendors in the downtown Harare.

A HARARE vendor, Gertrude Muzike, was yesterday granted a protection order against her husband Ramson Murape who allegedly assaults her for coming home late from work.


Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza ordered Murape not to physically abuse Muzike and advised the two to find other means to resolve their differences.

Muzike accused her husband of verbally and physically assaulting her whenever he comes back home drunk.

“Sometimes he comes and continuously pokes my forehead accusing me of preparing food and giving it to other people that we share the place with,” she said.

Murape first denied the allegations before confessing that he assaults his wife for coming home late.

He also admitted coming home late, but did not find it fit for his wife to do the same.

Nyatsanza granted Muzike a protection order against Murape.

Meanwhile, Nyatsanza also granted Nyasha Makosa a protection order against her ex-husband Electro Pidibashanso for physically and verbally abusing her.

Pidibashanso was ordered not to prevent Makosa from accessing their matrimonial property.

“He insults me, beats me up with open hands and also threatens to remove me from the place we live,” Makosa said.

In his defence, Pidibashanso alleged that he caught Makosa with a boyfriend three times and had forgiven her even though he was once beaten by one of the lovers.

However, in his ruling, magistrate Nyatsanza said despite their problems, Pidibashanso should not abuse the complainant.