Harare man assaults, calls wife of 21 years a witch


Harare magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza yesterday ruled in favour of a Harare woman, Moira Makoni, granting her a protection order against her abusive husband, Lovemore Kainga, who had issued death threats, labelled her a witch and attacked her with an umbrella.


According to the evidence presented in court, the couple have been married for the past 21 years.

In her evidence-in-chief, Makoni revealed that following the death of her husband’s other child, sired outside the couple’s marriage, Kainga assaulted her after she had refused to allow her own children to attend the funeral saying she was not aware of the deceased child.

Makoni said at one point Kainga wanted to take her to a prophet who had told him that she was a witch. Makoni said her husband threatened to kill her even if she was going to get a peace order.

Makoni also accused Kainga of neglecting his children in terms of school needs each time the couple quarrelled.

In his response to the allegations, Kainga admitted assaulting his wife, but told the court that he did so because she had chased his mother away from their matrimonial home.

He also said upon asking his wife to leave, Makoni took some of his clothes to her parents’ home without his knowledge.

“I only found out that she had taken my clothes with her when her parents thanked me upon paying them a visit. Coincidentally, my out-of-wedlock child died at that same time when she had taken my clothes away thus my relatives encouraged me to visit prophets,” he said.

Kainga said the prophet advised him to bring his wife’s clothes which he did but later decided to abandon the move and took them back.

In his ruling, Nyatsanza granted Makoni a protection order and free access to their matrimonial property.

Meanwhile, a local fabric shop owner, Rahman Mosiur, was granted a protection order against his former lover, Lesley Alexander, with whom he had an extramarital affair for two years.

Magistrate Nyatsanza ordered Alexander not to enter Mosiur’s shop or physically abuse him.

Mosiur, who is a married man, accused Alexander of intending to blackmail him in the event that he failed to accede to her demands.

“She threatens to phone my wife when I do not give her what she wants,” Mosiur told the court.

Mosiur added his former lover was bitter after he had decided to break up with her in January this year.

He said Alexander would sometimes go to the extent of parking her car behind his as well as disturb his customers in his shop.

Mosiur further said at some point after visiting Alexander’s place of residence to see her father who wanted to borrow $1 000 from him, Alexander closed the door, pushed him and tore his shirt.

Alexander was not present to give her side of the story.