Gono’s Lunar Chickens in trouble over $29 000


Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono’s chicken business unit, Lunar Chickens, has been taken to court by Bak Logistics over unpaid storage fees amounting to $29 000.


The summons, filed under case number HC4733/15, was issued on Tuesday last week and Gono’s firm is yet to enter an appearance to defend notice.

According to court papers, sometime between June last year and April this year, Lunar Chickens hired Bak Logistics storage facilities for an agreed fee.

“The plaintiff’s (Bak Logistics) claim against you is for $29 125,23 arising out of storage facility services rendered to defendant (Lunar Chickens) on various dates for various items,” Bak storage said in the summons.

“Despite demand, defendant has failed, neglected, denied and or delayed to pay the capital sum due to plaintiff.”

The storage company further claimed cost of suit on a legal practitioner client scale.