Foetus found in Southerton


A FOETUS was on Saturday morning found dumped in Harare’s Southerton industrial area.


Police yesterday said they were investigating the case of suspected unlawful termination of pregnancy. The foetus was found by passers-by behind bus operator Ben Mucheche’s garage.

“We are investigating a suspected case of unlawful termination of pregnancy at Stodart Police Station,” said Harare police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi.

“We are appealing to anyone with information regarding the case so that justice can be served.”

Cases of unlawful illegal abortion are on the rise as several women appear to be avoiding the responsibility of taking care of their babies due to economic hardships.


  1. Journalist forgot to tell us if this foetus was alive or dead. Again, a rough estimate of the age of the foetus would make a full story

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