Dog thief fined


An uncontrollable desire to own a canine proved costly for a 40-year-old Chitungwiza man Stanford Barura who was recently convicted of stealing a dog and was slapped with a 30-day prison term which was wholly suspended on condition of restitution.

By Sofia Mapuranga

Barura, who works for Bhika Furnishers, pleaded guilty to the theft charge when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Jessy Kufa.

He told the court that he committed the offence under the influence of alcohol and also because of his passion for dogs. The court ordered him to pay $100 restitution to the dog owner Emmanuel Magombedze. Kufa cautioned Barura and said he should quit beer considering that it was bringing “bad winds” against him.

“You said in your statement that no dogs are allowed at your place of residence because your family belongs to the apostolic sect, but you said when you did the act, you were drunk,” Kufa said.

“This is a sign that bad winds are after you . . . you should stop drinking and join your family and go to church,” she said drawing laughter from the gallery.

According to prosecutor Innocent Tizirai, on January 20 this year, Barura passed by Magombedze’s place of residence and stole his dog.

Upon his return, Magombedze asked his family on the whereabouts of his dog and his son, a juvenile, narrated what had happened. Magombedze traced Barura to his place of residence and Barura admitted that he had taken the dog. He agreed to pay the complainant $100 for the dog.


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