Do it at your peril: Moyo warns Mujuru


INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday issued a thinly veiled warning to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru not to venture into opposition politics, saying she was free to do so at “her own peril”.


Moyo was reacting to Mujuru’s apology to Zimbabweans for being part of President Robert Mugabe’s government for the past 35 years and the reversal of liberation war goals.

Mujuru, fired from government last December for allegedly plotting to topple Mugabe, said she was now ready to serve Zimbabweans wherever God deployed her before setting out different scenarios she hoped the country could follow.

Moyo, the only government minister who has reacted to the statement on social media, yesterday seemed to take exception to Mujuru’s vision for the country.

“Finally, it is notable that Mujuru’s divergent vision which led to her expulsion is imaginary with no grounding on any reality,” he said in a terse statement.

“Her so-called vision has 11 points, including putting people first, all which are imagined. While Mujuru can imagine as many fantasies as she wants, the fact is that Zimbabweans have had enough of imaginary escapades from the likes of (main opposition MDC-T leader) Morgan Tsvangirai whose ranks Mujuru is free to join at her own peril.”

He also challenged Mujuru’s assertion that her dismissal from Zanu PF and government was unprocedural.

“If there is anyone who still doubts the reason of Mujuru’s dismissal from government or its justification it is fortuitous that her statement provides the clearest indication thus far, which should put paid to the matter,” Moyo added.

“It beggars belief that Mujuru has the nerve to claim that her dismissal was ‘controversial, non-procedural and unjustified’ in the same statement in which she clearly declares that her expulsion was ‘inevitable’ because her ‘vision for Zimbabwe was divergent from the rest of the party leadership.’

Finally, it is notable that Mujuru’s divergent vision which led to her expulsion is imaginary with no grounding on reality.”
Political analysts say Mujuru has a real chance of upstaging Mugabe if she challenges him in the 2018 elections.


  1. Why should Jonathan lose sleep of Mujuru joining opposition ranks? Let him concetrate on his free Tsholotsho seat gift time for reckoning is coming 2018.

  2. Mujuru would be the first not to freeze outside ZANU (PF). Its cold out there. Its one thing to use the big ZANU machine and support of the President to make a name for yourself. Its another to join the rag tag opposition and hope to upstage ZANU. The opposition always come with a lot of media hype. But beyond that one has to get the vote. The majority of the people who sympathize with the opposition are not responsible. They don’t vote. Havavhote chinhu zvachose! I observed soon after the 2013 election that those who complained the most bitterly about the preliminary results had not voted. They all did not have the red ink on their fingers. It would be better for Mujuru to make her moves (if any) well after 2018.

  3. Shattap Jonathan, you big political prostitute. Go to the Avenues, they are not arresting your type anymore…

  4. i respect joice for what she is trying to do but saying she will beat mugabe assumes that Tsvangirayi has ever lost to mugabe which we all know is not true as confirmed by ngwena himself a few days ago. The assumption is zanu pf has many real supporters many of whom will follow Joice. The truth is those supporters are non existent. They are all mdc supporters stolen by zec. Without reforms to guarantee a free and fair election mugabe is going nowhere and pinning hope on 2018 is delaying taking action now. We will be dissapointed come 2018.

  5. No No NO! Mujuru must launch her party and get ready for 2018, its the make or break year.

  6. Jonathan is just making baseless utterances to avoid being linked to what them infamously term “Mujuru carbal.:-) 🙂

  7. if Mujuru goes with Tswangirai she might as well kiss her political career good by. She might prove to be popular and Tswangirai cannot stand for that. He does not care about the party but himself. If he cared more about the party he would not have married into it, or given them free seats in parliament. Those are actions of a good mkwasha. The party has gone to the dogs because of his leadership style. He has no interest in unseating ZANU. Now I wait for the insults from his supporters as they will surely come, it’s their nature.

    • I am actually with you on that one. If Mujuru joins Tsvangirai, then hapana hapana. What do you think of an alliance with Simba Makoni? Of course she will need to deputize Makoni, not be on the forefront!

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