Demolish illegal structures: EMA


THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has urged local authorities to deal with sprouting illegal suburbs where people are building on undesignated land.


Many bogus housing co-operatives and land barons were parcelling out land to unsuspecting home seekers without following the laid-down regulations such as the compilation of the all-important Environmental Impact Assessment.
EMA spokesperson Steady Kangata told NewsDay on the sidelines of belated World Environment Day commemorations at Mukai High School in Harare yesterday the mandate of the environment watchdog was limited.

He said it was the role of the Ministry of Local Government to deal with illegal dwellers through demolitions. Most of the illegal suburbs were being constructed on wetlands.

“As EMA, we support housing development, we need shelter, but it should be done in a proper way,” said Kangata.
“We don’t have statistics of the illegal ones because we only keep the legal ones, but each time we do a survey we see the illegal ones coming up. However, one thing that we need to take note of on the Environment Act is that it is silent on demolitions.”

He added: “It doesn’t go to the extent of demolitions. There is a responsible ministry for this, which is the Ministry of Local Government. If they are leaving people in the areas we are talking about, then they are doing a disservice to the people.”

The World Environment Day event was organised by the Zimbabwe United Nations Association, which creates different clubs in various schools to disseminate information to the grassroots, addressing and promoting advocacy programmes towards the post-2015 Development Agenda.

Kangata urged people to exercise personal responsibility to promote the sustainable use of the environment. He urged people to reduce the use of plastic and polystyrene throwaway containers (kaylites).


  1. Appears EMA Mission is just to justify existence and draw salaries. Stick to your mandate clean streets, act on environmental polution.
    Usiless organisation!!!

    • Clearly u have no idea about ebvironmental issues. If EMA is silent on these illegal housing projects, kwonaya, imba dzoite flood, moti hee hurumende. Then u lack water because the wetlands are drained from these illegal dwellings construction, moti hee city council. You are a clear example that zimbabwe needs environmental education if you think EMA is just about cleaning the streets. By the way, are you aware that cleean streets are your responsibility? Do you know you are supposed to place litter in the bin? Judging from your remarks you are one of those throwing litter from the window of a moving vehicle or just onto the pavements! Get educated on these issues!

  2. Land barons shall be with us for a long time to come. As long as ZANU PF flags are available and can be put up wherever and whenever one thinks they need to sell land to unsuspecting home-seekers, it shall be dog eat dog. Right now they are parceling out wetlands, open spaces in the name of in-fills and the like. All in the name of the Almighty Queen of Grace. Zvakaoma!!!

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