Daring church ‘thief’ nabbed


There was drama outside Mbare Magistrates’ Court yesterday when two witnesses to a theft case claimed that they had been smeared with human faeces before their property was stolen.


The alleged thief, Ferbie Warikandwa, was not asked to plead when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Stanley Mambanje facing three counts of theft and was remanded to June 23 on $50 bail.

Allegations against Warikandwa (25) are that on Tuesday last week, Majory Maturure went to a church service in Epworth and was offered a seat by Warikandwa who was part of the congregation.

After a while Warikandwa told Maturure that she had faeces on her clothes prompting the latter to leave her handbag as she proceeded to go and clean herself up in the toilet together with Warikandwa.
It is alleged when the duo got inside the toilet, Warikandwa left Maturure and proceeded to steal her wallet which contained $480 and R120.

The State also alleges, on Saturday last week another complainant in the matter, Fadzai Mutanga, was at a church gathering at an open space along Fitzjohn Avenue in Cranborne, Harare, where Warikandwa was also present.

It is alleged, Warikandwa later spread some dirty liquid on Mutanga’s dress who then decided to go and clean up at her friend’s house.

The State alleges Warikandwa offered to accompany Mutanga and while the latter was busy cleaning up Warikandwa stole her Samsung Galaxy phone and disappeared.

However, Warikandwa’s luck ran out on Monday this week when she got arrested at Cranborne Methodist Church.

It is alleged on the day in question Getrude Matongera was attending a church service when she discovered that her wallet and an envelope containing $100 and $112 respectively had gone missing.
Matongera suspected Warikandwa who was now outside the church building and went to confront her leading to her confession and the recovery of the cash in full.

Percy Mugauri appeared for the State.