Court acquits prosecutor of two counts of bribery


A PUBLIC prosecutor based in Rusape who was being charged with demanding bribes from rape and robbery suspects in exchange for lenient sentences has been acquitted for lack of evidence.


James Abraham Wirima (41) had his charges dropped by magistrate Sekai Chiundura last Friday after the State failed to prove a prima facie case against him.

He was facing two counts of bribery.

In her ruling, the magistrate noted that Wirima did not fall prey to the trap money dangled by operatives of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

The State had alleged that on January 30 this year, an informant identified as Arnold Hatinahama, who was facing rape and robbery charges, arrived at Rusape Magistrates’ Court where he met Wirima and an emissary identified as Lazarus Bonde.

The court heard that the two initially demanded a bribe of $1 500 before reducing the figure to $500 and were duly paid in various instalments.

On April 9, Hatinahama, through his younger brother Endless Tendere, discovered that the charges had been withdrawn before plea in 2013.

In the second count, the State claimed that Wirima demanded a $250 bribe from Watson Masikati to withdraw rape charges levelled against the latter’s brother Liberty.

The two then reported the matter to Rusape area prosecutor Tirivanhu Mutyasira, but during trial, the State’s 10 witnesses gave conflicting versions, leading to Wirima’s acquittal.

Wirima was represented by Passmore Nyakureba, while Malvern Musarurwa represented the State.


  1. A leopard doesnt change its colours.corription allegations have rocked WIRIMA since his days at zvishavane court

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