Cimas hikes fees by 50%


Access to quality health services by thousands of members under Cimas medical aid society might become a huge challenge after it increased membership contribution fees by 50%, citing high cost of claims.

By Phyllis Mbanje

In a recent circular, Cimas acting managing director Rodrick Takawira said the fee increase would only affect the top two packages.

“The society would like to advise its valued members on the upward review of contribution rates for individuals on our two top packages, Individual Private and Individual Medexec packages” part of the communiqué reads.

Under the Individual Private scheme, a member would now fork out $146, while a spouse will pay $146. A child under the same scheme will pay $71 and a student $118 respectively.

For the top scheme for the medical aid, the Individual Medexec, the member and spouse each pay $174, a child $104 and a student $174.

This development comes hardly a month after Cimas suspended its online drug facility, forcing members to pay cash when buying drugs. The medical society had over 200 000 subscribers as of last month.

Members complained that it was unfair since they were making contributions as a form of insurance in the event they fell sick and needed medication.

Cimas said the move was “unavoidable, given the extent of fraudulent claims that threaten to undermine” the viability of the society.

“It is with your interests in mind, as members of the society, that we have reluctantly had to suspend the online drug facility,” part of the notice read.

Cimas tried to water down the move by sending yet another circular apologising for not giving adequate notice.


It also said measures were in place to ensure that those on pre-authorised chronic medication could still access their drugs from approved pharmacies.

The Cimas online drug facility was introduced in 2004 to enable members to access drugs from pharmacies without having to pay cash up-front.

However, the society claimed that during the first quarter of this year, there was a 55% rise in drug claims compared to the same period in 2014, even though there were fewer members.

Preliminary investigations revealed that there was gross abuse of the facility.


  1. So in other words, as usual, those who are part of those medical aid packages are now going to take the knock for the money lost. Typical. Now they will be paying more money for less service as well. Nice one Cimas, see you’ve been taking notes from “How to Rip-Off Your Customers 101”.

  2. This is madness there is always a shortfall whenever you go see a doctor and you have to pay, im moving away from this madness how to rip off ordinary citizens who are struggling already.Shame on you Cimas

  3. Was just thinking, if I pit aside 150 in a savings account it will assist me than have CIMAS and its friends from ripping people.

    • i agree with you maita we must put aside that money into saving cause we do not use this every month and other people bank account are getting bigger

  4. From my working out these tariffs are not 50% increases but a 235.4% increase on the private scheme

    • that’s true, the journo has tried by all means to misinform the public for the sake of his paycheck, he is generalising information instead of specifying the targets, I verified with CIMAS

  5. i think its high time people confront some of these abusive companies to name a few ECONET and CIMAS.

  6. Off course people have to vent when unprecedented measures takes effect. However the journo is also supposed to be objective by not causing unnecessary despondency, clearly say out the correct facts do not over-blanket customers. These changes are only for individual plans not corporate or any others.

  7. this is nonsence you take away our drug facility so we now have to buy on a cash basis then a month later you increase the subs by 50%, certainly not everyone is using their medical aid on a regular, stop stealing money and us the subs for the right reasons, very dissapointed in CIMAS you were once the best but now you are following the rest..

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