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Chimene threatens Indian business community


Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene has threatened to shut down all Indian businesses in the province accusing the Asians of snubbing her various business meetings since her appointment early this year.


In her welcome address to Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko during a business meeting in Mutare last Thursday, Chimene gave the Asian community a five-day ultimatum to meet her or risk closure of their businesses.

“I am very disappointed by the Indian business community. They are not here and I can only see one Indian in this important meeting. Where are the others?” Chimene asked.

“I have noticed that they do not want to work with me. They have not been attending a series of business meetings I have organised since I came into office. I do not know why they have decided not to attend this meeting that is being addressed by the Vice-President of the State,” Chimene added.

“I was sent here to work. I am giving them five days from now to come for a meeting with me. If they do not want to work with the government, then they must close shop,” she said.

Chimene, who fought in the country’s liberation war, since her appointment has been ruffling feathers in Manicaland province.

In January, Chimene told Zanu PF supporters that she had evicted white farmers from some farms in Headlands whom she alleged were being protected by allies of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

In February, Chimene threatened to repossess a commercial farm allocated to ousted former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa after the the former minister denounced government’s controversial land reform programme.

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  1. away with the and their subtle racism..they are of no benefit to Zim..they might not know it yet but they are next in the firing line..tichavabvondondora!!

  2. away with them and their subtle racism..they are of no benefit to Zim..they might not know it yet but they are next in the firing line..tichavabvondondora!!

  3. what image is this creating to prospective investors , after all is attending meetings mandatory , vakomana changa mukai, guyz we need foreign direct investment

  4. Eish. The last straw which broke the camels back.The PRESIDENT is all over India courting investment .
    Then comes Mandy chasing them away. God help us.

  5. Can someone tell this woman that before she was born this people were in business so what advise do they want from a buffoon like her who think closing down a business makes sense because the owner refused to attend her talk show. Some are trying to revive industry others are trying to shut them down.

  6. How does she know they are Indians? Could they not be Pakstanis, or Iranis, or even Koreans for that matter?

  7. we want foreign investment, we also want them to fear us and worship the ground we walk on, regurlarly donate large sums of money to us, sing our praises , shower us with gifts or else . who are we?

  8. Don’t attend these meetings Zpf wants to fleece u of your money ,these people have nothing to offer ,the economy is on it’s knees cause of the policies these people created ,it’s not like they don’t know how to fix the problem but simply don’t want to,so when people try to navigate the rough business terrain and someone has an inflated and wants to be seen my guess is she does not have much to do.She can go to Nharo musika there people are forced to leave their business to attend useless political functions she call some green bombers

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