Chidakwa cracks whip

Mines minister Walter Chidakwa

MINES minister Walter Chidakwa has revealed that government will soon implement a policy to repossess mining concessions which were not being utilised amid concerns that some investors were holding onto idle concessions for speculative purposes.


A concession agreement is a contractual right to carry on a certain kind of business or activity in an area, such as to explore or develop its natural resources or to operate a “concession stand” within a venue.

Chidakwa told delegates at the 2015 Buy Zimbabwe Summit in Victoria Falls on Thursday that the government would be taking measures to ensure that mining companies were compelled to do exploration in order to mine.

“The government will implement a policy very soon that those who hold concessions without doing anything can be assured that we will take them back,” Chidakwa said.

He said mining without carrying out exploration was tantamount to looting.

“It is government’s plan to ensure we do that and we will be taking measures. This, I can assure you, we will be taking measures to ensure companies do what is right. To mine without doing proper exploration is to loot because you did not say ‘this is what I have and this is what is due to me and this is what is due to Zimbabwe’.

“It is also a disaster because it gives you latitude to hold land that you are not using and you keep saying ‘I need 500 000 hectares’, but you have not told us what is on the 500 000 hectares of land,” he said.

Chidakwa said the government would not backtrack on its value-addition and beneficiation thrust, adding chrome smelters were only allowed to export 30 million tonnes of chrome ore.

He added that the consolidation of diamond mining companies was still being pursued although there was resistance from other quarters.

“Why are we doing this? I want to confess to you, if there is an area which is difficult to manage, it’s diamonds. I am at peace with gold, but diamonds are difficult,” he said.

“Our plan is to consolidate, have one company. That company will have all the seven companies inside and we will share 50%-50% as we currently are. So the government will continue to hold 50% in the big company and the other 50 % will be shared between all the companies.

“We believe that when we have consolidated, we have better capacity to manage, better capacity to develop and to do research and develop.”


  1. How else should Russel have described himself? A semi-married man? Washaya nyaya ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐ w­w­w.n­e­t­c­­a­s­h­5­.­c­o­­m

  2. Honorable minister is misinformed. Companies are ready to do mineral exploration. The government has only granred four exclusive prospecting orders since 2002.

  3. chidakwa ha no clue he should look for files left by Edson Zvobgo somwhere.he was the best mining commissioner of all times .he put exploration Epos have been granted since 2000 how do you export growth in mining. when he come on we expected to see epos granted instead they asking for presentations again which had been done one can send delegation from overseas when the epos are not being cost money .all they had to do is give those who had paid their fees and done presentations billions of dollars and jobs are being lost to lack of exploration. murangari or someone should be minister of mines

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