Changamire hip-hop festival flops


THERE was drama at Changamire Hip-Hop Festival on Saturday night at Travel Plaza when the fiesta was called off under unclear circumstances, much to the disgruntlement of fans who had braved the cold to attend the show.


The host and organiser of the festival, Tafadzwa Jackson — popularly known as Zimboy — announced the show had been cancelled before saying he had lost money for hiring the public address system.

The disc jockeys and the sound system operators packed their equipment and left.

“I lost all the money and now I can’t pay for the sound system. We have artistes who travelled all the way from Bulawayo and Kadoma, but I can’t do anything about that, we have to cancel,” said Zimboy.

A member of the sound system team revealed that he had been offering his services for free every month.

“This time he (Zimboy) offered to pay, but this is a disappointment. Where do you get a sound system for $50?”

Popular musician Alka Nemo, who was part of the crowd, showed his disappointment by posting on his Facebook timeline.

“Changamire Hip-hop Festival is it a hoax? What happened? Poor programming, lack of organised skills, no sense of order, it’s a sham! Clandestine performances and a clearly cheap sound system,” he wrote. “I am truly disappointed. How can someone steal gate takings?”

The main act, Sinbad 90 and his Dolla Sign Music Crew, who had come out with DJ Krimz of the Boyz ReMukute, expressed disappointment.

“We have Dolla Sign Music members who travelled from Gweru, Bulawayo, Chirundu and Kadoma ready to do what we know best, but this is what we get,” said Sinbad 90.