Branch manager ordered to pay $30 maintenance


A BRANCH manager at one of the country’s supermarket, Nicholas Musvute, was yesterday ordered to pay his former lover, Maidei Nyandare, $30 per month for the maintenance of the pair’s seven-year-old child.


Musvute appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko after Nyandare had sued him claiming child support in the sum of $400 before the magistrate ordered him to pay $30.

“The $400 will cater for the child’s food, uniforms, school fees, medical aid and holiday expenses as I am currently unemployed and in search for a job,” Nyandare told the court.

She further told the court that the reason she had claimed that figure was that she knew Musvute was no longer married.

However, in his response, Musvute said Nyandare’s claim was outrageous and he had no idea where she expected him to get that amount of money from.

He then produced his payslip which highlighted a net salary of $281 per month, prompting Nyandare to lower her claim to a total of $150 per month.

“I can only offer her $30 a month for maintenance considering that I am willing to take care of the child’s school requirements,” Musvute said.

He also told the court that he had not remarried following Nyandare’s departure last month with everything the couple had acquired including his own wallet.

Meanwhile, a top food-processing company machine operator, Tichaona Ruziwe, also appeared before the same magistrate and was ordered to pay $90 per month for the maintenance of his 11-year-old child with one Clara Tsikiwe.

The woman told the court that although Ruziwe was a plant operator earning above $500 per month, she knew he could afford to maintain his child because he was single since they separated in February this year.

In his reply, Ruziwe dismissed Tsikiwe’s assertion and told the court he earned $360 per month instead.

“I am actually married and I have no idea where she is getting my salary from because in actual fact, the company is paying us half salaries,” he said.