Bosso’s disallowed goal: Make your own judgement


HIGHLANDERS were left licking their wounds after a late equaliser was disallowed for off-side in the 78th minute in a controversial moment in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League five-goal thriller played at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday.

Watch video below

With Dynamos leading 3-2 after Qadr Amini had given coach David Mandigora some breathing space in the 73rd minute, Highlanders rightback Webster Chingodza flighted a long throw into the box that was headed down by Obadiah Tarumbwa onto the path of Edwin Muzanenhamo.

Muzanenhamo hit the ball first time and it nestled into the nets. And away Highlanders players wheeled away to celebrate.

At that moment, Dynamos goalkeeper Tatenda Mukuruva took to his defenders to blast them on poor defending, but lo and behold, the near side assistant referee Bongani Gahadzikwa ruled out the goal for offside.


  1. That is soccer. This was live and not on tv where one has a second chance to analyse. Live is a flash of moment, miss it and a bad decision comes. Try again later, tough. Talking reality, it is a 50-50 situation. Maybe he robbed intentionally and may be he genuinely so it as an offside. These are my and my own opinions and am not representing anyone. Write your own views. No shouting, debate.

    • Highlanders have crazy for nothing when it comes to Dynamos. The somehow believe that winning against is going to heaven, or something I cannot say in this platform. Football is like that. Maradona once scored using his hand and nothing happened to referee. Ireland lost a ticket to worl cup when a French player used his hand to control the ball and then scored. The goal was allowed. It is not impossible to make mistakes when refereeing. That is why we have goal line technology to minimise errors, but not to avoid them. They are unavoidable.

  2. This was a very bad decision. But to have a senior sports journalist like Steve Vickers using the words ‘Robbed’ is inciting violence robbed by who? And Highlanders executive should find ways of having a team that can beat Dynamos not hide on this decision and let their fans think a draw was a good result. Where they robbed all the other seasons home and away since 2006?

  3. from the linesman’s point of view, who was in line with the action, it was an offside but from the cameraman’s or the commentator’s view, who happened to be somewhere near the centre line, it was not an offside. the question then is who had the best view between the two, the linesman or a commentator together with the cameraman who was sitting in a box which is close to the centreline? those tv replays show that the cameraman was not in line with the action at that time

  4. zvakaoma tongotarisa while our game is being pushed to the dogs.So ref suspended meaning wrong decision so what’s next

  5. Danai Pazhagozha, does it not surprise you that its the same referee who handled the match two seasons ago when Dynamos scored in the 114th minute? Never mind the lines man. I think they planned it together before.

  6. Ban local refs from officiating. There are good refs in Zambia, SA, Botswana etc. Get those refs to officiate locally. Mark my words, if these dynamos refs keep on doing their ‘funnies’ fans will not hesitate to beat them up.

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