Almasi co-founder Tawengwa resigns

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ZIMBABWEAN American Dramatic Arts Collaborative Organisation (Almasi Collaborative Arts) co-founder Patience Tawengwa has resigned from the organisation she founded together with award-winning actress and playwright Danai Gurira, to pursue other interests.


Tawengwa said she would now have time to pursue the interests she had put on hold during the Almasi’s establishment years.

“It is not an unusual practice for the roles of founding members to change as an organisation grows,” she said.

“Normally these roles evolve according to how best the organisation’s mission can be served by the strengths of each individual founding member. Through experiences on each project we are still finding the best and most efficient way to carry out our mission and mandate.”

She said she would now be working with Almasi in a new role as an institutional advisor and consultant.

“One of my responsibilities will continue to be the smooth running and support for the Almasi artiste exchanges,” she said. “In my new role, I look forward to seeing the infusion of fresh talent within Almasi. I remain committed to contributing to the success of an organisation I greatly care about.”

Gurira thanked Tawengwa for her perseverance and sacrifice for the organisation, adding that without her, they would not have made it this far.

“Patience has decided to resign from her current position at Almasi Collaborative Arts and I would like to thank her for all the astounding work for the organisation. Without it, we would never have made it this far,” Gurira said.

“Her heart is purely for the betterment of the African artiste and she deeply believes in the potential of what artistic output can come out of this continent and our nation. Her transitions into our institutional advisor where she will be advising me and our new managing director as opposed to working at the organisation on a day to day basis will, we both feel, have a deeply needed and beneficial effect on our output.”

The duo founded Almasi Collaborative Arts as a way to bring together Zimbabwean and American artistes, with a vision to professionalise the dramatic arts industry in the country through education, facilitation and collaboration with professional American Dramatic Artists and Artistic Institutions.


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