Zinara, council, well done for splendid job on Airport Road


The progress made so far on the construction of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Road, which leads to Harare International Airport, is a classic example of contemporary development in the country.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) and Harare City Council should be commended for such a project which contributes immensely to the sustenance of the economy.

The road is of international standards, with clearly marked four lanes and reflectors as well as solar-powered street lights making the road so spectacular at night. The upgrade of the road has enabled us to match global standards.

May other ministries and parastatals should take a leaf from this exceptional example of progress as they carry out their duties in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

The Harare International Airport road construction is a springboard of hope and motivation for all other heads of departments that are challenged to spur development and progress in the country.

However, Zinara is urged to complete the project sooner than later!



  1. As a resident along airport road, the design is stupid.

    1. how do i access the main road from my house as there is a drain running the entire length of the road?
    2. how does my 70 year old mother access her gate after being dropped off by a combi? she needs acrobatic skills to jump the huge drain?

  2. Oh God they have done a good job yes yes…But ka Zinara please pay the contractors who put their money to have the road completed.
    Contractors please demonstrate on the day the presidents officially opens the road…
    do not be silent… obv someone thinks you are all fools who put their money into these govt projects and struggle to get your payments. Right now if one was to audit Zinara unogona kuona project ichinzi yakabhadharwa.

  3. Editor usape credit where its not due. Pane vanhu vakawanda who feel cheated pa airport apa. vanhu ..i mean black people were contracted to work using their money and equipment zinara yozobhadhara. Up to now Zinara has not paid these contractors…reason….you will never know. These contractors employed tens if not hundreds to get the job done but and these poor souls have not been paid since. why???
    On the day the president officially open the road please all those who been contracted and those who worked for the contractors go and demonstrate….vanhu vanotamba nesimba renyu…you are taken as fools idiots by Zinara and the their politician relatives.
    Editor get the story rewritten putting a line why zinara has not paid contractors and add in a comment from them

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