Widow sues Zanu PF chef


Zanu PF provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri has been dragged to Kwekwe Civil Court for allegedly refusing to pay back a loan of
$9 500 by flexing his political muscle.


Mupereri allegedly borrowed the money from widow, Naume Marazanye, on March 13 2013 and has been avoiding making good the debt despite entering into a written agreement.

Marazanye said she had to seek the intervention of the courts because Mupereri was now using his party position to try and evade paying back the debt.

In summons filed in case 311/14, Marazanye through her lawyer Caroline Mugabe, said Mupereri has been refusing to pay the debt and instead shifting it to Zanu Midlands provincial youth chairman Eddy Samambwa.

“Defendant (Mupereri) entered into the agreement and signed an affidavit yet has refused or neglected to pay despite demand,” read Marazanye’s founding affidavit.
Mupereri through his lawyer James Magodora only admitted to borrowing $1 500 from Marazanye and said the rest was taken by Samambwa.

“My client did not take that money, it was Samambwa who borrowed the money and should therefore pay it back, my client just borrowed $1 500 only,” Magodora said.
Appearing before provincial magistrate Vimbai Mutukwa, Mupereri said he had only signed the affidavit on behalf of Samambwa and the loan was not actually his and therefore he would not pay the debt.

Marazanye, who was the first to take the stand, told the court that Mupereri had said Samambwa lost the money in some gold deal which went bad and had therefore failed to repay the debt.

“He told me those stories, but I gave my money to him and it is him who signed the agreement before asking me to hand over the money to Samambwa. I therefore insist that the person who borrowed money from me and reached an agreement with me is Mupereri,” Marazanye said under cross-examination by Magodora.
The matter will continue today with Mupereri being cross-
examined by Mugabe.


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