‘Voters lose confidence in opposition parties’


A RECENT poll survey jointly conducted by the Mass Public Opinion Institute and international research institute, Afro-barometer, has shown that the majority of Zimbabwean voters had lost confidence in opposition parties and shifted their allegiance to the ruling Zanu PF party.


The study — which was conducted in November last year — showed that at least 63% of Zimbabweans surveyed trusted President Robert Mugabe.

“He (Mugabe) enjoys greater support in his traditional stronghold, the rural areas where 70% trust him while he only enjoys 45% trust of the urban people. By gender, 62% of males trust him, while he is trusted by 64% of the women. An additional statistic is that 54% of Zimbabweans trust the ruling party, Zanu PF,” the report said.

Political analyst Alex Magaisa described the report as a slap in the face of opposition claims of Mugabe’s rule being illegitimate.

“This result suggests that he has maintained his support, notwithstanding the negatives that have gone on since then,” Magaisa said.

Magaisa, who once worked as opposition MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s adviser, appealed to the opposition parties to accept the survey results and devise strategies to reverse their negative public perception “rather than moan that this result is misleading and inaccurate”.

“It suggests that even without Zanu PF, they (opposition parties) would still not be trusted by the people. It is not useful to bury heads in the sand. One would expect that, with its litany of failures, the opposition parties would fare better than Zanu PF,” he said, pointing to recurrent splits within the opposition as the reason for people’s lack of trust in what are supposed to be alternatives to the ruling party.

Only 34% of Zimbabweans interviewed during the survey trust opposition parties while the ruling party commands 54% trust among Zimbabweans.

Public institutions such as the army, police, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority also retained their trust.

According to Magaisa, the survey results will also have far-reaching implications on the Zanu PF succession matrix as it reflected that Mugabe was not likely to hand over power anytime soon.

“It backs those arguing that there is no vacancy at State House, now or in the foreseeable future, which means bar resignation, incapacitation or death, Zimbabwe is likely to be with President Mugabe for a very long time to come. It means the aspirants will have to wait longer,” Magaisa said.

Mugabe will be 94 in 2018 and still eligible for another term under the country’s new Constitution.


  1. This is ridiculous. Where in this world has a president ever become more popular by increasing the level of destitution of his people. We would have to be total idiots to believe such a fallacy

  2. the opinion polls are very true. we used to vote for opposition parties MDC-T in particular but if ever i will ever put my foot at a polling station, i will never vote for an opposition party. they are just taking us for a ride. they are also pple looking for a living from our votes as those that are already in power

  3. who cares about opinion polls, just give us free & fair elections & we’ll see the real truth for ourselves

  4. Fake survey, where was the survey conducted? The majority of people i talk to are even more angry at the current crop of leadership,what has changed to justify shift of support to the the current ruling party?typical of newsday repoting.

  5. People respect President Mugabe’s contribution in the liberation struggle.The guy is consistent, whether you agree with him or not.There is also a feeling that he is being let down by his team mates.Plus people also make allowance for his age.
    During the GNU, the opposition failed to put into practice what they had preached.E.g. we saw opposition councillors in Chitungwiza engaging in corruption ( involving housing stands) and yet previously they had painted themselves as angels.Tsvangirai showed himself to be a poor strategist.As a Prime Minister, he was supposed to work hard as a chief minister, yet he tended to adopt a vice-presidential role.And of course his “look for the skirt policy” cost him a lot.When in the GNU, the MDC failed to consult and give feedback to the people.Etc,etc.

  6. the survey mighty be true.but the bottom line is pple are afraid to reveal what they think especially being interviewed by a total stranger whom you do not even know. we end up saying we like our dear leader so and so because we do not know what will happen to us after that.

  7. What a Nikuved survey. With 85% unemployment, the disappearance of political activists, palpable hunger and poverty, dubious elections, political judges, a corrupt police force……. and all these presided over by Mugabe the survey now wants to convince us that Mugabe is trusted by the public. What a load of rubbish!

  8. What these institutes need to realise is that Zimbabweans will tell you one thing and mean the exact opposite. Anyone who believes these figures is deluded. fear had driven our people for too long. They are afraid to say how they really feel. And as for this institute having predicted 2013 poll. Bulldust! That election was rigged. millions were marginalised. I know it> ZPF knows it and frighteningly God knows it. Judgement day will be a very interesting day.

  9. MPOI died with its founder Masipula Sithole..I bet no has a clue who this Afro barometer is except those who work for it…That said it is absolutely ridiculous to take these two outfits seriously. I hope they bury themselves really fast by continuing to make clowns of themselves with these idiot surveys…They appear to be on a real RUSH to extinction and of course they will not be missed!

  10. If our dear leader is so popular, why do they resort to violence and intimidation during elections. Actions speak louder than words

  11. these are the same indicators which were raised by the freedom house prior to the 2013 polls whereupon the little thinking mdcts ignored the findings and the result is now history. instead of taking it head on go back into the shell and identify potential grey areas to manage those they manage by rejection. the boycot masters. even sources from their peers they cant trust because they dont want to hear it. shame. shame shame. We need a real opposition party. when one is sorrounded by the 34% and think thats the whole country then they need some brain scan. moreso if you are a leader. Robert is highly consistent and its known world over. He plays his cards closer to his chest and is courageous to tell you a NO if he feels the answer shld be a NO. also we dont want to replace a supposadly problem with a worse problem.

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