Video: ‘Fresh plot to oust Mugabe’

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe is facing a fresh revolt in Zanu PF engineered by some party bigwigs working with Western countries, war veterans claimed yesterday.


The sensational claims by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda at a Press conference in Harare followed worsening factionalism in Zanu PF’s Harare province.

Zanu PF commissar Saviour Kasukuwere — who has been entangled in the acrimonious battle for the Harare East constituency pitting rival factions — was singled out by the war veterans.

Watch vidoe below:

The former liberation war fighters claimed there was a hidden foreign hand stoking the Zanu PF internal fights.

“We are aware of the unholy alliance that is forming between the Americans and the British, on the one hand, and some politburo members, on the other,” Matemadanda said.

He was flanked by ZNLWVA vice-chairperson Headman Moyo, secretary for lands George Matenda and committee member Zenzo Ncube.
“These politburo members have started selling out to the imperialists on the promise that they will be given heaven on earth if they remove President Mugabe from power,” Matemadanda added.

“The so-called Group of 4, 6 or any other number is hereby warned to stop whatever dreams they have that they can become Prime Ministers or Presidents if they help to cause the ungovernability of Zimbabwe as a means of achieving regime change.”

Zanu PF has been battling to douse flames stoked by two warring candidates in Harare East ahead of a by-election on June 10.

Career banker Terrence Mukupe and former Women’s Football boss Mavis Gumbo are at each other’s throats as they seek the party’s endorsement for the by-election.

Mukupe is allegedly being supported by Kasukuwere, while Gumbo has reportedly the backing of Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo.

Matemadanda yesterday accused top Zanu PF officials of being over-ambitious.

“This party was formed by comrades who are still alive and have remained faithful to it and have never imagined taking it to court when they have felt aggrieved or passed over in the allocation of positions,” he said.

Matemadanda claimed the current fights were part of a project of “overzealous, overambitious and green politburo members bent on creating their own fiefdoms”.

“Young leaders who are appointed should consult before running everywhere with wrong ideas.

“They should give themselves time to learn than embarrass themselves and their seniors with such indiscipline,” he said.
Kasukuwere yesterday refused to comment on the matter.


  1. sme of these zpf guys suffer from an embarrassing & serious racial inferiority complex, why do they always think that the simple planning of succession for an aged 91yr old president should need to involve Britain & America?

  2. We are sick & tired of these wild & expired conspiracy theories of involving Britain & America in our succession issues as if we black people cant think for ourselves when change is due

  3. Zvino zvomotosvorana ukuvo varombo vachichema nekusabhadharwa nemakambani izvi zvakuda devine help ya mwari munyika yedu yataifunga kuti tichadya uchi ne mukaka.

  4. are war vets so stupid especially those from zanla? it seems so. thats why the war of liberation seems to have not real given us what we real wanted. the people who did it for us for me lack/lacked brains and i am not sure that after Nkomo they real knew/know what they went to war for. its so said because the grouping of these guys has no leader at all who can think outside the box thats why mugabe has used them in and out as puppets. its not cool to be a war vet thats why people at all points secretly mock them and they force themselves on people to praise them.

    • @SSSSS. Thinking outside the box is what you are not doing coz, you cannot blanket the word ZANLA and leave out ZIPRA because the association is made up of both former fighters, that why we had Andrew Ndlovu, Jubulani Sibanda, whom you claimed to have terrorised you. We are much brighter than you are and don’t let the west initiate the way we should talk and behave like you. I challenge you to a public debate of any topic of your choice be it pa BBC, CNN, ETV to name but few of your opposition channels. We will let people judge who is an egg-nogg. When you disagree with one war vet please disagree with that person on that particular topic only and don’t judge us all.

  5. I read somewhere(Kangai Interview) that Zanla had 70 000 forces and killed 5 000 rhodesian soldiers although it did not mention number of civilians killed by them as vatengesi and witches, from 5 000 we can deduct those killed by Zipra ( I was in Gokwe and witnesssed some Zipra wars) say for argument’s sake to give zanla credit they crave for they killed 3000 RF soldiers meanng it needed 24 Zanla guerillas to kill one RF soldier. Wait a bit most spend the time with zvimbwidos because there many bastards from these zanla guerillas in our midst, some even now calling themselves war veterans. and these are the people we entrust with our country, its a shame really. I also understand the Nhari rebellion came by because the leaders enjoyed travelling around the world and living lavish lifestyles, whilst sending our brothers on the war front without enough weapons hanzi shandisai matombo. They are still doing it up to today.

  6. These fellows calling themselves war vets cannot think for themselves. They were obviously sponsored by Grace to say all the rubbish. The zombies can do anything for a few “scuds” of Chibuku beer.

  7. Zim is plagued with an endless supply of war vets who keep appearing mysteriously & dragging Zim back to the pre-historic ages of the dinosaurs

  8. yes they is a plot to throu out Mugabe. Most of the meetings ari kuitwa husiku. kurwa kuripo pakati pe team ino suporter chombo. chombo is very close to Mugabe. but in another hand he is so close again to Mujuru camp. so Munangagwa camp is very strong ndiyo inana kasukuwere nana jonathan Moyo. munhu ari pakati pavo vose ndi-oppah muchinguri anova right hand yagrace mugabe naiye Mugabe pachake. now the plan is to kill oppah first. so that Munangagwa camp will go pasina chino netsa. saka vanhu vacha dhumana misoro zvaka nyanya. thats why iwo mamwe mawar-vets vairamba kuti chombo asare paka dzingwa vamwe. nhau iripo ndeyekuti team yana munangagwa ino fanirwa kuva strong kuti ibvise vose vari behind mugabe. now mugabe hasisina ground because vose vaive pedyo vaka bviswa. dont forget cholocho team ndoyave pahu VP. so mugabe will suffer a big blow soon kana vaka gona kuuraya muchinguri chombo anenge ave oga namugabe chete.

  9. We are aware of the gay gangsters who have monopolised the politburo ever since the departure of Mujuru Cabal. We the genuine war veterans are watching them. We will expose them soon.

  10. We must all know that most of this war vet are weak in brain but they were brave as a comperncetory to their weak brains hence they are used by Mugabe for his advantage.

  11. Hapana munhu wandaona akuvharika kunge mudhara wrdu Bhobho ,anaMunangagwa vakaita musangano wakazivikanwa nenyika yose kuTsholotsho nhasi vapanyanga uuhmmm hameno ,fanika wamoti Kasukuwere ndiyo mharapatsetse chaiyo ,akadzingisa hama dzekwake kwaakakurira aanaGoche ,Mujuru obva atsigira munhu weMidlands ,nhasi anaChombo

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