US officials to quiz Mugabe on Dzamara


THE United States government has vowed to continue piling pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s government to address human rights abuses and account for abducted journalist-cum-human rights activist Itai Dzamara.


Two US government officials — Shannon Smith (deputy assistant secretary for African Affairs) and Steven Feldstein (deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour) — arrived in Harare on Tuesday and said they will engage government officials, opposition parties and several groups on human rights issues.

However, the officials cautioned that they were not in the country to make any policy pronouncements, but were in a “listening mode”.

“The other point I would want to raise is that we are now entering the third month after the disappearance of Itai Dzamara.

“This experience is a strong concern of the United States and we have raised the issue with the government,” Feldstein said.

“We do hope that the government of Zimbabwe, including the police and security services, allow Zimbabweans to demonstrate freely and express themselves.”
Dzamara was abducted by suspected State security agents near his home in Glen View, Harare, on March 9 and his whereabouts have remained a mystery.

The High Court has since ordered police to investigate the matter and update his family every fortnight.

But, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights yesterday said police had breached the court order by failing to submit the fortnightly updates.


  1. stupid America. I hate Bob through his actions. I dislike what was done to Dzamara but I think those who were quite when dozens were being killed in RSA xenophobic attacks where millions were hurt and displaced should not make any noise now.

  2. @sheps , isn’t it more logical just to return Dzamara so sanctions can be removed, Zanu Pf spent the last 10 years blaming sanctions now here is a chance to show the people that they want whats best for the people of zimbabwe.Mugabe the time to weigh your true inner intention is now,give us Dzamara and spare us from your usual rantings of why we are suffering.with sanctions removed are you afraid that your ignorance will be revealed to the World.

    • Dzamara is more American than Zimbabwean i can see. this Dzamara issue was and still is a well calculated move by the opposition party led by Morgiza to really draw attention to zimbabwe from the so called human rights champions, champions who only surface when there is a real or percieved political opportunity. we dont make decisions based on opportunists’ dreams. we base on real tangible issues on the ground. Dzamara is enjoying his life outside the country at the instigation of our poor opposition politicians. he spend many days with his occupy africa unit square mantra and to their surprise police decided to let him do watever he wanted. then on realizing they were not getting as much attention, they cook up an abduction case but then we say rinamanyanga hariputirwe mumushunje, one day tichaziva nekuvona zvokwadi kuti waiva pachokwadi ndiyani? kunyarara sandi kuti vanhu marema. #just an opinion

  3. @ K.o.t., At least you acknowledge the existence of the sanctions. I am not zanu pf but you’ll agree that even before Itai’s alleged abduction the stupid US had refused to lift the sanctions. So if it’s zanu pf that are holding Itai they have no pressure at all to release him given the fact that that it will change nothing.

  4. @Peter, America really exposes herself here. All this is doing is giving credence to zanu pf;s rhetoric that Itai is a US creation and that his alleged disappearance was stage managed.

  5. Why the US is involving itself in this petty Dzamara issue the mind boggles! It confirms suspicions that the idiot called Dzamara is in hiding somewhere.

    • in order for sanctions to be removed a lot of changes have to be done. There is no rule of Law in this country. Zhakata akaimba. “Mhosva imwe inosiyaniswa zvichienderana nokuti wabuda mumba mani.” Zanu Pf invades farms whenever they want to, during elections state agents are deployed to intimidate voters, there is no freedom “after speech” in this country.

  6. Godfrey are you sure that the disappearance and likely murder of a Zimbabwean brother is a petty issue? Tikwanire kana ukawana nguva!

    • its petty if you can read between lines. the issue is soo petty coz its stage managed. Human life is critical very important indeed but some human deed are just idiotic

    • Yes its petty , that idiot is making the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans even harder while he is hiding somewhere living large . Why don’t you ask the stupid writer where he is or where he thinks Mugabe is hiding that fool ?

  7. So all the people who have commented above think that anyone who criticise the gvt is a construction of the Americans indeed you suffer from zanufobia because you think an african has no construct of his reality and if he does u think its someone who has told him what to say.Surely cry the beloved country from this zanufobic warped way of thinking.

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