Upcoming gospel artiste ropes in Mhere



UPCOMING Karoi-based gospel musician Something-to-do Kubvunya has collaborated with Mathias Mhere on his latest seven-track album Ngoni DzaJehovah to be launched on Saturday at Chikangwe Hall, Karoi.

Mhere featured on three of the songs Shoko, Kosi and Muvengi Satan.

Kubvunya said he discovered that collaborations enrich artistes’ work.

“This album comes as a tribute to my mentor Mathias Mhere who has helped me to shape and nature my career in the music industry,” Kubvunya said.

“The album dwells on the grace of God, praising and worshiping Him with the message that people should observe, embrace and be grateful for his grace.

He added: “Many believe that to be a successful musician you have to be in Harare. With this album, we proved that we can do it here in Karoi. Music has the power to unite artistes and I am happy that one of the country’s top musicians Mathias Mhere has featured on this latest album.”

Kubvunya said Mhere would be the guest artiste at the launch supported by Revelation Singers and Aleck Dumba.

“I dedicated myself to spreading the word of God through arts and will be staging shows countrywide to ensure that the album reaches our fans,” he said.

Some of the songs on the album, which was recorded by Divason Jambo of Sky Studios, are Mubairo, Ngatinamatei, Baba Ndinouya and Mwanakomana Wangu.

Kubvunya, who fronts The Voices of Hope Crew has two other albums, Kuzvipira and Hushingi Munashe under his sleeve.

Mhere said Kubvunya had the passion and talent. If given a chance to showcase his music gift on a big stage, he is likely to leave a lasting impressions.


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