Tsvangirai tribute album out

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai announced his party's shadow cabinet at Harvest House Wednesday. Picture: Aaron Ufumeli

GABORONE-BASED MDC-T activists and protest musicians Hapson Handson Mabika, popularly known as Dread Reckless, and Patience “Sister Fearless” Takaona, have finally completed recording their party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s tribute album.


The five-track album was supposed to have been completed last June.

Titled Dzoka Nemagetsi, it mainly focuses on MDC-T’s internal squabbles and a resilient Tsvangirai conquering despite being betrayed by his most-trusted lieutenants.

With all guitars played by renowned Kudzeri Kumakili, who also plays for famous Botswana musicians Charma Gal and Slizer, the album is set to hit the streets anytime this week.

“Our album was motivated by the squabbles within MDC-T and disloyal party members,” said Mabika.

“Despite a sad era which saw the fight for total democracy being threatened by those pushing their personal agendas, I was inspired by Tsvangirai’s honest desire to see the party united.

“He has always called for open dialogue despite whatever malevolent agendas pioneered by those fake agents of democracy. His spirit of unity has made me to remain committed to the fight for democracy and bond with him much stronger as a leader.”

Takaona added that Tsvangirai should be celebrated for his bravery.

“His love for his people will always inspire us to work with him to change the world for better through music,” she said.

“We are pleased that finally the album is complete and will be on streets any day from now. This music appreciates his strong character of uniting people and championing democracy.”

Featured songs include title track Dzoka Nemagetsi which likens light to love, Shinga, which encourages Tsvangirai to soldier on despite all the trials he is facing, Tichakuratidza Zvatiri, a warning to President Robert Mugabe not to continue clinging on to power, Handidi, which openly speaks of Zanu PF terror and Gandanga, in which Tsvangirai is portrayed as a fearless leader.

In 2013, Mabika released a six-track album featuring hit song Murozvi Mukuru, a tribute to the late sungura giant Tongai Moyo.

In the run-up to 2008 national elections, the duo spent five days in jail for allegedly singing songs that denigrated Mugabe.

Their other projects include Nhare Mbozha which featured controversial tracks Saddam Waenda, Hondo Yechimurenga, Tiriparwendo naMorgan, Run-over, Ndiri Musoja and Munamato.


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