Tell Someone: Telecel takes to social media to stop its closure


Telecel say they will appeal to ICT and Courier Services Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira over the cancellation of their licence, but the company is not leaving it there, as it has launched a social media campaign to stop its closure.

Facing what increasingly looks like an improbable battle, Telecel, through its twitter account began the #SaveTelecel campaign on Tuesday afternoon.

A twitter handle run by the company tweeted “Help save Telecel by sharing and tagging your posts with #SaveTelecel”.

A number of users soon latched on to the hash tag, questioning the rationale of closing the company, condemning hundreds to unemployment a time rate of joblessness was very high. Telecel also harped on the point that jobs will be lost if the government proceeded with plans to shut down the country’s third mobile network operator.

“They have not yet delivered the 2 million jobs and they are ready to shed more than 10 000 direct and indirect jobs,” Tariro Mushonga said of government’s election promise to create jobs.

Zororo Makamba, whose father, James is one of the shareholders, was one of the prolific social media activists, campaigning for the company to be saved.

He dismissed speculation that the company would be taken over by South Africa’s MTN or Unitel, saying this was all speculation until Telecel’s chairman had issues a statement.

“Lots of calls and texts about MTN/Unitel,” Zororo tweeted. “Everything is speculation until the chairman of the board makes an announcement.”


  1. Is there no legal brain that can advise the 2 million Telecel subscribers on what legal action they can take should they be forced to switch to suppliers not of their choice?

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