Star musicians now baits for prophets

Sungura musician Alick Macheso performs during the 35th Independence Day celebrations.

Sungura ace Alick Macheso’s music is being heard from the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries’ place of worship.
The Extrabasso, as Macheso is affectionately known, has become the latest bait at PHD.

by Jairos Saunyama

On Friday night, Macheso performed at the Walter Magaya-led church for the first time, turning the holy place into an entertainment joint and left worshippers crying for more.

Macheso has never disappointed in all of his shows and it was clear that the Sarah singer commands a huge following within the Christian community.
Despite performing in a church, Macheso played most of his popular songs, among them Mundikumbuke, leaving the audience without an option but to get onto the dancing floor.

After realising that Macheso was around, entertainment lovers at Zindoga flocked to PHD chuurch to enjoy the free show.

Macheso’s performance at PHD followed that of a number of both upcoming and established musicians who all have been paid to perform before worshippers.

Dendera protégé Sulumani Chimbetu and dancehall sensation Tocky Vibes have both performed at PHD church despite not being gospel musicians.

In an interview last Friday, Magaya admitted that he had engaged Macheso for the Men’s All-Night vigil to lure people to God.

He described Macheso as “the best worm” to attract people to God.

“We held three all-night vigils here. The last one was held last month. You see, we need women and men to untie when praying, but men are not forthcoming as compared to women,” Magaya said.

“I thought of an event which would attract all the men and bring them to church hence we have this event.

“You need to learn to place a worm on a hook in order to catch a fish. So for me it was trying to attract men to come to church.

“Sometimes you need to give people a want and produce a need while they are there.”

Local musicians have been trying to strengthen their relationship with Magaya in a bid to secure slots at the church given the economic hardships prevailing in the country.

In his last album Gunship, Sulu included a song in which he begged Magaya always to “remember” him.

Asked whether the musicians become permanent church members, Magaya said: “There are so many musicians who have attended several services here — the like of Isaac Chirwa, Nicholas ‘Madzibaba’ Zakaria, Tasso and others. They have come to perform and have remained with us,” Magaya said.

“My mission is for Macheso to perform, attract more men, perform again and we preach to the men who have been attracted. To give your love to Jesus is a choice, If he decides to do that it is his choice. I have seen him praying all the time, even on the stage he was wearing a wrist band. His family is even part of our ministry.”

Other musicians who have performed at PHD include Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave, Mathias Mhere and Blessing Shumba, among others.

The advent of miracle working prophets brought along an opportunity for local musicians to increase their fan base.

In 2011, popular prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church United Family International Church (UFIC) attracted a number of local musicians who all jostled to get slots at the church.
Notable musicians like Peter Moyo, Leonard Zhakata, Biggie Tembo junior, Diva Mafunga and Joice Simeti were among other musicians who joined UFIC.


  1. David The King of Israel had Asaph the PROPHET as a musician. A musician in the Christian church is named after the five-fold ministry not a crowd puller. No one follows Jesus unless The Father draws him.

  2. Why not invite musicians in the realm and mould of Jimmy Swaggart (a prophet and evangelist)??? Any MAN who stands behind the pulpit should execute the order of the five-fold ministry. Emulate the government of David and that of Paul in the early church. David never hired goliath to play music in the temple of the God of Israel neither did Paul called pagans at Athens to sing hyms and psalms in the church at Ephesus, but sanctioned the operation of the Five-Fold “ministries”.

  3. There is no prophet from the presence of God who doesn’t know how the church worships. Look at how Moses and Solomon furnished the temple! We need Asaph not the prophets of Baal.

  4. Thank you prophet for preaching the gospel, they came , the heard the word and the choice is theirs to make

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