Sour grapes behind Miss Zim’s vilification

Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Eatanga Kachote (centre), flanked by First Princess Annie-Grace Mutambu (left) and Second Princess Chengetai Marcia Kanonhuwa, do the royal wave to the crowd.

A HARARE shadowy group that calls itself Boyz Dze Tonaz Crew is alleged to be on a campaign to taint the image of Miss Zimbabwe Trust and its models by leaking nude pictures of models they would have had flings with in the past.


Sources claim that the crew members — whose exact number could not be verified yesterday — deliberately charm top models that they date and after the relationships would have fizzled out, embark on a vilification campaign.

The group is said to be responsible for the leakage of embattled Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote’s nude pictures, which are said to have been shot when she went for a sleep over at her ex-boyfriend’s house.

Further indications are that the same outfit was responsible for leaking Thabiso Phiri’s pictures in the nude last year as its leader (name supplied) was in the habit of dating models.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi declined to speak on how much ground the police had covered and said his boss, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, had already spoken on the matter.

Charamba was quoted saying dealing with cases involving social media posed a serious challenge to the police.

“According to the laws of this country it is difficult to regulate social media. It is difficult to pinpoint where the pictures originated and even if someone is fingered they can simply say, in court, that their phone was stolen,” she said.

A lawyer who spoke to NewsDay yesterday said the disgraced models would not be able to file a lawsuit against whoever leaked the pictures because they were equally culpable.

He said it would be difficult to prosecute the suspected culprits when there was no complainant and when the girls themselves would have breached the pageant’s rules that demand an impeccable and squeaky clean record on the part of the beauty queens.

1-Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Tatanga Kachote flanked by first princess annie-grace mutambu left and second princess Chengetai Marcia Kanonhuwa

“Firstly, it’s a policy issue as far as their line of trade (modelling) is concerned. For them to qualify, they must not have these kinds of pictures,” he said.

“The second thing is that having such pictures under the law is illegal. So what it implies is that if they were posing for the shots, they were also violating the law so they will also be brought to book should the matter go to court.”

Early this week, Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Chiwenga said while they would take legal action against Kachote for violating the contract she signed with the pageant, there was nothing they could do about the person who leaked the pictures.

“She (Kachote) signed the contract and she knows what she agreed on. She knows if it’s something she did then she is in trouble.

“We will take legal action as she signed a contract stating that she did not have any nude pictures anywhere,” she said.

“If someone decided to date or they have dated someone it’s not up to us to tell them not to. If indeed it’s the same guy who has been leaking pictures of models, then she should have known better. We cannot do anything to him as a Trust, but we will deal with Emily, she is the one we have a contract with.”


  1. Kana iye akaita kuti mafoto aleake achiti foni yake yakabiwa, anofana kubudisa pachena kana akamboreporter the issue to th police. Failure to do so it means he is responsible for it. Coz mapurisa iwaya anokushungurudza kana foni yako yakawanikwa pacrime scene, so they should use the same muscle!

  2. Zvimwe ndezvimwe guys mwana ane chitsoka chemhene iyeyu ndakaona mapictures acho.
    On a serious note these nude pictures must be exposed to deter other from doing these acts of barbarism and satanic under the guise of modelling. I started hating sex after seeing Kachote’s penis sucking escapades. I wonder if ever any really man would want to be kissed with that same mouth nxAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Ko nhayi imi ko akati kana muchinge madanana mukaita bonde toranayi ma pikicha ndianiko. It seems as if most models and “popular people” has a latent desire to act pornography. Apa woda kutinyepera kunga anhu kwawo. Naye ngaasungwe!!
    Mazvekuda mavanga enyora

  4. vanozozvinyanyawo ivo vasikana/mvana ava. then yu wonder where is the beauty in such pangeants? someone help me define beauty?

  5. One thing is clear. These top models must be top prostitutes. How come most of them fall for the charm of members of Boyz dze Tonaz ? Were these girls decent lasses it would not be possible that most fall in love with these boys and engage in sex with the fellows leading to the “Boyz” recording the whole thing on camera. I now suspect that Miss Zim contestants are drawn from the top night clubs of the country and are seasoned whores.

  6. These top models surely must be top prostitutes. How come Boyz dze Tonaz manage to record most of these Miss Zim in the nude?

  7. These top models surely must be top mahure. How come Boyz dze Tonaz manage to record most of these Miss Zim in the nude?

  8. These Miss Zim girls are just women of easy virtue. It has been proven over and over again. No need to crack heads over it!

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