SA needs liberation: Mugabe


Gaborone — President Robert Mugabe says South Africa needs “another liberation” because white people still own most of the land and have most opportunities.

Speaking in neighbouring Botswana where he had gone on a familiarisation tour of the Sadc secretariat, Mugabe said the political dispensation brought by former South African leader, the late Nelson Mandela, did not address disparities between blacks and whites.

“It is a matter of the whites keeping things to themselves and the political dispensation brought in by Mandela, (that) did not address the question of disparities between whites and blacks, and this is what must be addressed,” he told journalists in Gaborone.

Mugabe was responding to a question from City Press on whether he felt the South African government had done enough following attacks against foreign nationals.
The Zimbabwean leader said he was satisfied with the South African government’s response to the attacks, but it was understandable in the light of the unemployment and competition for jobs.

He said white people still had the most employment opportunities and most of the land was in white hands.

“They are not talking in the country of whites being unemployed,” Mugabe said.

“It is blacks who are unemployed. This is what they must address first and foremost.”

He also added that xenophobic attitudes needed to be addressed.

“People from different tribal backgrounds may be resenting, it is a process that they will have,” Mugabe said.

“Even in our own countries, we have little resentment of outsiders, but it doesn’t matter if it is little, that means one or two people may be expressing it. But the majority are for inter-mixture.

“But then you have people who are, in fact, those we called oppressors yesterday still in the position, occupying the positions, and (hanging on to) the advantages and the opportunities that they allocated to themselves during colonialism, and they still hang on to them and do not want to let go, and then you have a difficult situation, and this is what South Africa must be helped to overcome.”

He said countries like Zimbabwe had overcome oppression and inequalities of land ownership.

“But if you go to South Africa, it is a different story. We need to help them, they need another liberation,” he said.

At the Press conference, Mugabe and Sadc executive secretary Stergomena Tax, who flanked him, went to great lengths to dispel rumours that his reception in Botswana was inadequate.

Relations between Mugabe and Botswana’s Ian Khama, the deputy chairperson of Sadc, have been strained.

Khama has been critical of Mugabe in the past and Botswana differed with Sadc on the Zimbabwean elections in 2013, which the regional bloc declared free and fair.
Mugabe said his visit to Botswana was not a State visit, so it did not have to be accompanied by an elaborate ceremony.

Mugabe did, however, have a private lunch with Khama at State House in Gabarone before the press conference.

“Our tummies are full,” Mugabe joked with journalists. — City Press/Staff Reporter


  1. How old are these whites in those positions, are there any who are probably in their 90s still working? If it is 25years after independence and you still want to blame everything on former colonisers and not take blame or part blame I do not really know. Why not blame part colonialism and part yourself for xenophobia, was the beating of former white farmers not xenophobic, when you say you do not talk to white people is that not xenophobia? Age at times makes one look and sound like a toddler

  2. Black South Africans do not have to grab white companies, they just need to start their own and the gvt there must make deliberate laws to allow that and have easily accessible loans managed by banks not by a party like in Zimbabwe were loans are given on party lines and we have seen those moneys not being used for the purpose but to buy beer and womanise with. It is a recipe of disaster, what Mugabe would want is a south african president galvanting the world with a begging bowl like him. There is enough employment in RSA but being taken by the so-called hard working Zimbabweans who accept peanuts.

  3. I don’t know why RGM feels his advice is required by RSA. He leads a failed state. He can have his opinion like everyone else but he has nothing to show economically to Zimbabweans. His policies suit lazy people who are comfortable with stealing not those who prefer to work hard to progress.

  4. True Whites still rule in RSA, kkkkk and South Africans are too scared to voice because they are intelligent enough to give economy to blacks, they will mess up. example Zimbabwe of course. But Whites are the masters in RSA and they own that land, its their little england and no one in RSA will stop that….. no one, sick cowards!!!!

  5. South Africans should not follow our footsteps in Zim. they are blesse3d to have those white people among them. Mugabe’s barbaric ways are shameful. Dai vasiri

  6. it will be sad for south africans to listen to this man who has destroyed his country in the name of liberating it. if you want to know how do this land thing go zapu guys like dabengwa and hear how nkomo wanted to do it before this zanu crazy leader started his off course land reform. or you try and find out from the 1999 mdc manifesto drafted with the help of gibson sibanda and the rest. yes give land and wealth to anyone who is south african whether black or white not because they are anc and can make you stay in power. land reform in zimbabwe was and is a mess. it made us people grow hungry and beggers. mugabe is not the person to advise anyone about the land reform. yes whites should be told not be selfish and should repent of their forcing blacks from land but mugabe is not the right person to do it. i am unhappy that with his speech he is to some extent trying to say to everyone he is better than mandela. never robert. you cant match that man. dont try to use your sadc position to promote yourself. you cant match mandela. maybe your equals are zumas and mbekis not mandela. he is out of this world when comes to what liberating people and fighting for them not self.

  7. How many blacks have farms in Zimbabwe? But still zimbos suffer bigtime than th said South Africans. Food for thought. Dont follow th oldman’s gabbage!

  8. Kkkkk. Zvakunenge kuda kusoserana nyuchi dzegonera!!! go ahead RSA! listen to uncle Bob and you will sink faster than the Titanic. he will definitely have the last laugh. the strategy might be to distabilize your country so we can see business troop back to Zim at a priceless effort. sounds like an old trick of Mr. ‘Clever Rabbit’ to try and make up for the love lost. Hunch!!

  9. Mugabe destroyed his own Zim with his policies & so he must be reasonable enough to allow the South African’s to try things their own way. If your medicine kills your child surely no fool can recommend it for their own

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